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ALways a fan always will be!!!

  Everyone calls me Mimi  I'm a universtiy student studying to be a nurse still go a long way to go. I live in Wisconsin but born in Texas. What am I doing here in the cold when I could be in the nice weather of Texas. I wish I knew family is here so I might as well stay put.


I enjoying reading stories that everyone writes and I try to write a story and trust me I'm not good, but I will improve eventually. Well can't say my more but I'm a demon that is a vixen and watch out I'm here to stay




Mimi G


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Pennsylvania, USA
Created On: 02/01/2019 13:43:14

It was a joy to read your review of I caught Grandma kissing Santa Claus, thank you so much! It made me very happy to know you enjoyed it so much, I'm glad the humor was a success!

Best Wishes!


Created On: 01/15/2019 15:01:53

Thank you so much for the multiple reviews you have left on "A New Year's Challenge"! And thanks for the compliment - I wouldn't consider myself a genius, but if you say so who am I to argue! Your reviews where always a joy to read. To see how much fun you had made me really happy.

The story is now complete and I hope that you will like the rest of it too!

Thanks again!
Feedback from demonvixen2002: It really did enjoy it sad it’s complete but hey every consider a sequel of of Kagome being his secretary hownit progresses give Sesshomaru a run for his company


Created On: 02/15/2018 22:20:46

Thank you very much for your review on "The Shoot." I'm glad you liked it. I'm sorry for not thanking you earlier; you left your review back in August 2017 and it's February 2018 now.


Created On: 01/18/2011 05:31:36

Glad, you liked my little cosplay pic. Thanks.


Created On: 07/19/2010 18:11:20

LOL! Thanks for the review on Accidentally Funny! I'm not so sure about the bleach thing - it might kill our beloved Sesshoumaru-sama, you know with that ultra sensitive inu nose. No... I think Kagome's gonna go with the neko idea. Surround herself with cats. We'll see, though!


Lady Symone

Created On: 07/02/2010 18:18:29

Hey! Just wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU for commenting on my picture! It was very nice of you! Sorry it took so long to respond...unlike with fanfiction, I didn't get alerts to comments on my fanart, so here it is at last! XP
Also, you are an awesome person!

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