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A great fic
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TOPIC: A great fic
Lily Noir
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A great fic 7 Years ago Karma: 11
I've started reading the new fic by Sha called Tamed. The fic is awesome and the idea rather unique (I say that because I haven't read a fic with a simmilar theme, though I'm not saying that there aren't any out there - there could be a million for all I know).

Tamed by Sha
Being in a world that her kind ruled and looked down upon one of the most beautifulest of creatures, always made her ashamed to be called a human. But to be the heir to the crown that set such hundreds of years ago, only made her even more hateful towards her own. Having to perform all her duties and do as told, she suddenly found herself face to face with one of these creatures. And here, must she finally decide to either help and aid them to rise to their rightful status or become what she was bred to be: The ruler and exercutioner of all youkai.

See, she(Sha) made a little goof in the description with the grammar so people most likely think that it's not a well-written piece and avoid it, but it's awesome and grammatically correct.

It's set in an alterante universe where youkai are opressed(kinda like reduced to scum status) and the humans on top. Kagome is the princess in that world (which is set in modern times) and accepts all life, unlike her farher who pushes her to be cruel and hate youkai. Sessh saved her life when she was little and she returnes the favour and stills her father's hand. Well, some things happen and Sessh ends up as her personal guard, making Kagura, who's his mate-to-be, extremely jealous.

It's ongoing and regularly updated. I'd hate to see such a great piece neglected, so please give it a try. I fell in love with it almost instantly, It's not the typpical 'fell in love at first/second/third sight' thing.

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Re:A great fic 7 Years ago Karma: 2
That sounds interesting. I'll definitely look it up. Thanks. <3
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