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Fluffy Fics Recs?
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To recommend a story, don't forget to include the link, author, and name of your story in the recommendation. Thanks for spreading the word! If you're looking for something similar to what you've read somewhere, ask here!
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TOPIC: Fluffy Fics Recs?
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Fluffy Fics Recs? 1 Year ago Karma: 0
It doesn't have to start out fluffy or be fluffy throughout the entire story, but looking for good fluff moments. Any ratings works for me, although I do prefer lemons in general. Thanks!
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Re:Fluffy Fics Recs? 1 Year ago Karma: 25
Hi there! Luckily, I have some rec lists you might like! XD

Kinky Ramen by MissTeak Rated MA
2nd place for Best Oneshot - Dokuga 4th Quarter Awards '09 (Response to Kirai's Funny Edible one shot challenge - rated for hot, hot sexual content and hilarity) All Kagome wanted to was to have sex in peace with her husband, but what was a couple to do when their little daughter was around? "Rin, Daddy and Mommy are going to eat ramen in our room now. Don't come upstairs."

White Dresses by mythicamagic Rated MA
It's been a year since Kagome willingly left the Fuedal Era behind, choosing a life in the future. Sesshoumaru happens upon her one night, finding the miko alone, in a wedding dress. Sesskag oneshot

Good Morning. by Elvis Rated MA
Fluffy PWP in the early morning.

Tease by Resmiranda Rated MA
Deception. Desire. Great hair care. One Shot. Rated MA.

Rumor has it by MissTeak Rated MA
“I swear, Sesshoumaru is gay.” Inuyasha said dramatically amidst murmurs of agreement. “Totally! He never really talks to or looks at other women.” Kagome agreed excitedly. Inuyasha had replied, “But we have no proof.” And that’s how one conversation led to Higurashi Kagome being caught in a dare – to prove on Christmas that Taisho Sesshoumaru is gay. MissTeak's three-chapter response to Kirai's Christmas challenge!

The Ugly Truth by MissTeak Rated T
“Welcome to my show, ‘The Ugly Truth’! I am your host, Miroku, and our guests for this week are no other than Taisho Sesshoumaru and his very lovely wife, Higurashi Kagome! With no further ado, let’s begin our Q&A session!” MissTeak says, read and laugh!!

Healing Technique by mythicamagic Rated T
Kagome offers to give Sesshoumaru a massage. But she's not flirting, definitely not. Never. Sesskag Week 2019 Day 3 entry.

Green-eyed Demon by mythicamagic Rated T
Jealousy? Such a thing was beneath the proud Lord. Sesskag fluff one-shot

Kisses by mythicamagic Rated T
Kagome enjoys herself by kissing murderous, dozing Demon Lords. Sesskag oneshot. No plot, only fluff may enter here.

Eggs by Pretty P Rated T
Oneshot Explaining the birds and the bees is a little difficult with an overprotective youkai lord breathing down your neck. Implied SessKag 3rd Place Best Humor/Parody Dokuga Awards 1st Quarter 2008

A Lesson in Love by Avi Rated K
Strength is not determined by what you are. Love can be both a strength and a weakness. A cold youkai lord gets a lesson in love from a big-hearted miko.
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