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Number One Fanboy had me thinking...
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Don't forget to include the link, author, and name of your story in the recommendation. Thanks for spreading the word!
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TOPIC: Number One Fanboy had me thinking...
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Number One Fanboy had me thinking... 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 13
So I came across Kagome's Number One Fanboy (MA/NC-17 No YIMs) and I realized that I love stories where Sesshomaru is like legit insane. Either he was born that way or he goes mad over time, something about that kind of darkness really draws me to the story.

So good people of Dokuga, I need your help in fueling my somewhat sick addiction! Do you guys have any recommendations for 'Insane' Sesshomaru stories?

These are the ones I've read.
Unwanted Freedom by Shady Minion (Rated R)
The Asylum by Daniella(Rated MA)
I can't remember If he is crazy in this one but I know it felt that way to me To Be Worthy by videokilledtheradio (Rated MA)
Broken Promises by Oroyukae (Rated MA)
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