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Need helpfind Sess/Kag Fanfic sess join packs
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Just make a thread outlining as much about the general plot as you can remember, and any defining details that made the story stick with you. Good luck!
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TOPIC: Need helpfind Sess/Kag Fanfic sess join packs
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Need helpfind Sess/Kag Fanfic sess join packs 2 Years ago Karma: 14
im looking for a fanfiction not sure on dokuga or but im looking to reread it so i'd appreciate any help locating it.

the fanfiction starts of with kagome and the rest of the gang having met up with sesshomaru and sesshomaru from what i remember is contemplating about Naraku and is request for them all to join packs together

(kagome in the fic is portrayed as a bit cluless to demon dynamics)
Kagome as she misunderstands thinking whats a pack and asks is it like a wolf pack? Sango tries to explain it to her and kagome ask why ask her . sesshomaru he says because she's alpha inuyahsa makes a comment that ends up in him being sat.

sesshomaru tries to persuade kagome to join packs and ends up insulting her in her mind and she then takes off one of her shoes and throws it a sesshomaru's face and it lands a direct hit- in which the next chapter sesshomaru got kagome hand around her neck strangling kagome inuyasha demanding he let her go and rin pleading sesshomaru relents and drop her to the ground and kagome and sesshomaru end up conversing to come to some sort of understanding .

this was mainly what i could remember from the beginning chapters of the story ,the fic was certainly funny and incomplete

im desperately hoping to read it again
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