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PLEASE HELP! I can't find this story!
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Just make a thread outlining as much about the general plot as you can remember, and any defining details that made the story stick with you. Good luck!
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TOPIC: PLEASE HELP! I can't find this story!
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PLEASE HELP! I can't find this story! 9 Months, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 0
I remember some of the story, though I do not remember tbe title.

Kagome becomes poisoned as she stumbles across Inuyasha with Kikyo. Heartbroken and angry she goes back home through the well, leaving the jewels behind. While all this happened, Sesshomaru was watching (not knowing he began to develop interest in her, even he didn't realize it himself at the time).
Years later, Kagome has become lead demon slayer of three man squad (of two brothers, one's cute and polite, while the other is a playboy), on the fact that her time has become troubled by rogue youkai.
One day while attending a meeting of a mission the team must complete, she senses a shikon jewel shard. Locating its whereabouts she also finds Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. They tell her the reason she must return back to the past.
Upon agreement Kagome and her teammates (the two brothers), return back to the past with the inu brothers.
Once helping save Miroku who had become frozen in time as he tried to purify the jewel. They later stumble across Sango who is fighting rogue youkai, as she had married a lord and had children. During the attack her husband and children have been killed, overcome with grief she continues to fight.
After the battle, Sesshomaru saves Sangos children.

Sorry, got ahead of myself. I would greatly appreciate any help. I believe it's in the Spark line of stories. Sorrg, that's all I can rememver. Thanks again for your help.
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