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Just make a thread outlining as much about the general plot as you can remember, and any defining details that made the story stick with you. Good luck!
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TOPIC: Story Finding
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Story Finding 12 Months ago Karma: 0

I was hoping you guys could help me figure out a story that I'm looking for. The plot is that Sesshomaru met Kagome before but Kagome does not know since she still did not met his timeline or should I say she fell yet. The beginning she was talking to Sesshomaru, but a demon came and Sesshomaru protected her. She made a dash to the well and then met Toga in his spirit form. They talk and Toga sent her in a mission to find something that is in a cave (it hidden similar to Princess Kaguya mirror in a different place) they go to travel to find the item. But before that when she ends her mission she tell Sesshomaru and the gang to pretend they do not know her since she in her original timeline she does not know them. She travels with Jaken, Rin and of course Sesshomaru. I believe what they found was a claw like weapon that was made for her, but she believed it was for Sesshomaru or did she fib. I honestly forgot much.

Also I'm looking for another story or is it the same one that Kagome met Sesshomaru when he was younger. They became friends and later fell in love. If I remember correctly she made a jump and saw that Inuyasha died. In another jump she saw Inuyasha alive and hug him (I honestly forgot if she kissed him). And Sesshomaru saw and it was heartbroken since he came to get her from the well. I remember that Inuyasha said, "so you're the crazy lady." I believe in the future time line she saw Sanga alive, but Miroku died.

I'm honestly forgot which of one of these stories have toga spirit and Kagome keeps visiting him in her jumps to the well. They become dear friends and I believe he starts seeing her as a daughter.

I would really appreciate it if you can help me with the story and the title.

Thank you
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Re:Story Finding 12 Months ago Karma: 121
One of the stories you are looking for sounds like Tears of the Fallen by Shadowsweaver1.

Tears of the Fallen by ShadowsWeaver1
COMPLETE!! Kagome is saved from one of Naraku's attacks by Sesshomaru. Unfortunately for the young miko, Sesshomaru's version of chivalry includes having her be impaled by Tenseiga and thrown down a mystic well by the impact. But that is only the first of our miko's problems, because soon she realizes that mixing a magical well and a powerful demon blade has unexpected results.
Rating: R - Universe: Canon - Status: Complete - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 07-28-07 - Chapters: 36 - Reviews 821 - Words 222,221

EDIT BY WICCAN: This story would be rated MA on our site, NO YIMs!
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