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Help!Fanfic search Kagome injured with memoryloss
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Just make a thread outlining as much about the general plot as you can remember, and any defining details that made the story stick with you. Good luck!
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TOPIC: Help!Fanfic search Kagome injured with memoryloss
Tourmaline Blue
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Help!Fanfic search Kagome injured with memoryloss 4 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 14
Hi Everyone, I really need help Finding a fanfiction.It's just been s long since I've read it that I can't remember where to find it.

In which Kagome severely injured, has amnesia and was found by Sesshomaru and company.
It's cannon universe
Details listed below:

In the story Kagome is found by sesshomaru who's traveling with Rin and Jaken (ah uhn as well). They find her I believe on a battle field all alone. ( I think she's not quite dead she's just barely alive) They basically take her with them sesshomaru mostly wants answers to what happened with her and Inuyasha.
Kagome's injured and when she wakes up she has no memory of Sesshomaru, Rin or Jaken. When Sesshomaru ask what happened to Inuyasha, her reply " who's Inuyasha?". Sesshomaru then realizes that she lost her memories.

Sesshomaru works on nusing her back to health and in order to care for her I believe they found a temporary hut or field to make camp to place her, since she can't move due to her injuries, and she's being nursed by Sesshomaru and Rin mostly, Rin cooks for her and Kagome offers to cook for Rin sometime as well Rin is so happy by this and thanks Sesshomaru for letting Kagome stay and travel with them very profusely that Kagome looks at Sesshomaru's face to see his reaction Sesshomaru has such a look on his face that Kagome realizes he will most likely never allow her to leave the group.

Sesshomaru starts to make plans to mate Kagome. However he wants to talk to her away from Rin and Jaken, he acidentally let's it slip and tells her about how Inuyasha promised to protect he and how in doing so causes Kagome realizes that Inuyasha died for her, she basically takes the revelation badly and asks sesshomaru " He died for me didn't he?" another part of her dialogue was that she said "he died for me and there's nothing of him left in me" she's starting to cry and go hysterical Sesshomaru attempts to comfort her. But Kagome's powers act up and throw him across the field that results in rendering him unconscious, though briefly. The next part is where we now read from Sesshomaru's perspective he's awake he proud that Kagome is strong and determined but is a bit miffed that Kagome attacked him her Alpha ,when he only offered comfort to her and is debating on punishing her. He contemplates doing a debt since Kagome doesn't remember him caring and nursing her injuries due to being unconscious when he first found her, so decided to go about accepting her apology with a warning should she ever lash out at him. He listens as Kagome fusses over him on the ground and listens to her crying. He decides in order to gain her trust to accept her apology with a warning. He wakes up to her listens to her apology and tells her not to lash out again when he tries to offer her comfort.

He sort of lets on his intentions to her that he will be there for her and pick her up if she should fall and that he shall provide for her. He talks about providing her Kimono's as well.

Any ways this is mostly a summary of what I can remember of this story. If anyone has any ideas where this story can be found and provide the name of this fanfic and the author It would be very much appreciated. Another factor is that this is sort of an older fanfiction like before 2013 and from last I checked it hadn't been updated in a while.
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