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Anyone wanna help me out with a dance flyer?!?
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TOPIC: Anyone wanna help me out with a dance flyer?!?
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Anyone wanna help me out with a dance flyer?!? 6 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 0
Ya, i know this sounds wierd but for dances at my school we can't do anything hand drawn (as in we can't draw and then scan cuz they can tell or something like that wierdos think they're psychic)

ANYWAYS...... no one on student council has ANY computer drawing skills whatsoever MY SELF INCLUDED OBVIOUSLY!!! sooooo idk what to do.

the basic idea would be the eye of one of the larger feline (e.g. a tigre since its our mascott) (yes i did spell tiger wrong on purpose)

but instead of that wierd slit pupil eye thingy that felines tend to have it would say ambush since thats what a pack of tigers is called

soooooo ya..............

thanks if you can help me thanks anyways if ya can't i appreciate anyone that actually read through all of this!!!!!

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