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Created On: 05/14/2011 07:04:53

Thank you so much for reviewing 'The family ties'! It made me smile lots It's going to be updated soon.
Feedback from Coastin: no pob, the story's awesome, i enjoy reading it, you're doing a great job!


Created On: 05/10/2011 20:51:57

thank you so much for the review on Rogue!!! i really appreciate it ^ 3^

however i thought i would tell you, i will be taking down the story soon, but don't worry!!! i'm not stopping i simply found a new beta and she wished that i would do so in order for her to start at the beginning *nod*

thanks again and please be sure to rewatch the story after it is taken down and put back up! :3
Feedback from Coastin: Hahhaha okay no prob I'll be watching out for it!!!


Created On: 05/06/2011 16:08:34

Thanks for reviewing Dramatic!

I knew from the start that the name issue would be confusing - that was the reason I never wrote this story until now. I know it'll be difficult to make it idiot-proof, but I've tried to make it all easier to the readers.
For one, I've tried to slip in the name of each actor's corresponding role whenever possible, as I've done in chapter 2 and 3. I also have the name list I gave in chapters 2 & 3. :3
The actors are also named after the Japanese voice acting cast for the anime Inuyasha, with only few minor changes, to that, too, I hope, will help people link the right names together.
I can only hope that people will get used to the new set of names, there is only so much I can do to help. ^^;

Also, this series will have regular updates, once a week. :3 So next chapter will be up next Friday, please look forward to it!

- Chie
Feedback from Coastin: Ya it's the perfect amount of mix you don't use the character names too much or the characters they're playing names too little. If that makes any sense...

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