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REDWOLF (Chapter 42) - Fri 19 Jan 2024

I am not sure what to make of this,  but sex was not the answer.  All she did was give Sesshoumaru permission to sleep around on her.  Nope, she should have fried that whores ass in the other room and left his ass again.  This is certainly a bad situation.  I am glad this story is complete because I  honestly can't see this working out for them. Your story has kept me emotional!

REDWOLF (Chapter 42) - Fri 19 Jan 2024

I am not sure what to make of this,  but sex was not the answer.  All she did was give Sesshoumaru permission to sleep around on her.  Nope, she should have fried that whores ass in the other room and left his ass again.  This is certainly a bad situation.  I am glad this story is complete because I  honestly can't see this working out for them. Your story has kept me emotional!

docsgirl4 (Chapter 45) - Sun 30 Aug 2020

This story is a hidden gem. Glad I came across it. I will definitely read it again.

maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 45) - Sun 28 Apr 2019

reading this again and i still love it. c'ya'

candace peaches (Chapter 45) - Mon 07 Sep 2015

you did a wonderful job writing this fanfic. it had my emotions all over the place. i loved how you wrote the characters of sesshou and kagome. the plot was original and it took me two days to finish it because it was that good. if you write more stories like this i will be sure to read them. the lemons were the stuff of legends. if any man could make love to a woman and make her pass out, is a man worth fightin' for and keepn'. lol :) c'ya'

Cassidy (Chapter 45) - Sat 30 May 2015

The story was great! it was edited and told beautifully. The only part that bugged me was how kagomes and sesshomarus personalities turned out towards the end. He came across as dick theN pushover, and her as a whiny entitled do no wrong bitch. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 45) - Thu 02 Apr 2015

This chapter was dumb and crappy, April Fools! This story was amazing and it had a wonderful ending!

Speed Reader (Chapter 1) - Tue 31 Mar 2015

It was very angsty, I cried a lo! It was a good story though. I had a few questions where was Shippo and what happened to Kagome's kitten?


Tashi (Chapter 45) - Tue 31 Mar 2015

So much sharing and love in this chapter, and for a moment I'd thought that Kags wouldn't be able to go with Sesshomaru and her family to their universe. Sesshomaru showed so much determination, in that he didn't harbor the thought of leaving his mate behind.

This was such a wonderful and gripping tale from start to end, I cried, I was frustrated, smiled and loved all the angst that it contained. You really do have a special talent for writing. Your stories are always filled with life and realism, never a boring moment. I hope that an idea for a new fic hit you soon, whatever you write I will surely read. Aplause! Applause! Applause!

Tashi (Chapter 44) - Tue 31 Mar 2015

Yeah! that's the way to go Kagome, great fight. I loved the way you changed the tone of the story so that one could feel the differences in their emotions. It was so gentle, each one of them trying to move past the obstacles by communicating, baring their souls and finding the resolutions to move forward. The ending was fitting, Kagome being pregnant and Sesshomaru taken by surprise by it.

Tashi (Chapter 43) - Tue 31 Mar 2015

That's some real heavy stuff going on here. Sesshomaru contemplating his feelings for Kagome; if he wanted her back in his life or not, and Kagome feeling the brunt of his rejection. Jun and Momo are the best, the way they were able to convince Kagome to snap out of the apathy and to fight for what she desired most.

That demoness was the worse, a real gold digger and a slut. The scene wher Kagome told her to take her hands off her mate, and then she ignored her, priceless. It's about time Kags took charge of her life, once she did Sesshomaru reacted positively to it. I just hope her new powers will help her to mop up the floor with that bit@h.

Tana_san (Chapter 45) - Tue 31 Mar 2015

Oh Moonlight, I am sooo proud of you! When many of us thought there was no way to turn this relationship around and bring Kagome and Sesshoumaru together, you showed us our folly.

I've been quite ill for the last few chapters and for that I am sorry for not having my reviews after each and every chapter, but I've read all and the ending was so much better than I had thought. They didn't just have one child but had several, Kagome getting a girl like all mommies wish to have...not that sons aren't great too but having a little girl to dress up and play girl stuff with..well...

I'm happy that the miscarriage of the first child by Sesshoumaru's youki didn't hurt Kagome's womb any and she was able to have children like she had wanted. Kagome made a real mess out of the beginning of their relationship to the point that she almost lost Sesshoumaru and I'm so happy that she saw her mistakes before it was too late and that she, with the help of Jun and Momo, fought to show Sesshoumaru in his customs that she wouldn't let another female take what was hers and that he, whether angry with her or not, would see that she belonged to him faithfully. I was also impressed with Kagome's show of love by washing his feet. (that's Biblical) Then when Sessh did it for Kagome I got teary sweet! He wanted to show his love and that he saw her as his equal, that she was not beneath him and he wasn't beneath showing her this.

I was also happy that they finally took the time to talk out their mistakes. Like when Kagome asked why he didn't stop Ko from raping her, even though her human body betrayed her. She told him he should have known how deeply she loved and wanted to be with him through the bond he created with her when he bit her. His answer of confusion made sense since he'd never been in love before. That one issue needed to be asked and she did it.

Well, my friend, I cannot wait for the next fic. You are an amazing talent. I love how you twist and turn a story to keep interest and excitement alive in your readers. We may not always like where the story goes but we can't help but to keep coming back because we HAVE to know what happens.

I applaud you and bow respectfully...Another phenominal story, very well done!!!

Love ya with all my heart! :)  JEN

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 45) - Mon 30 Mar 2015

The ending was very interesting and a little bit of something different. I was impressed with it. I will be looking for future stories from you and now that I know how you roll with the twists of your plots I will not freak out like I did with this story. I think you know what I mean when I had said that I would stop reading this story. Fantastic ending!

Blommie8 (Chapter 45) - Mon 30 Mar 2015 this is the end? I hope lots of new story from you. Step sister or step mother maybe? Not yet i found the story sesshomaru fall in love with his stepsister. That would be complicatet for some people. Some says that is an incest relationship,but to me they not. Coz,no blood related so it's legal. Sorry,just for a sugestion. But,anything from you i'll read it.

Rhonda (Chapter 45) - Mon 30 Mar 2015




    Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL ending......

 It reminds me of JRR Tolkein's "Return of the King" , When the Elves leave, knowing that the time of Man had begun. While watching the movie and seeing the exodus of the Elves I cried. It's an unfortunate truth that Mankind will never be mature enough to equally share the world with another sentient species.

   Your ending also brought tears to my eyes, BUT I was so happy to see that Sesshoumaru's and Kagome's destiny has truly been fulfilled, That all the drama had indeed brought them together and made them stronger and that their family will forever be safe in their new world beyond the portal.



InuKami-Sama (Chapter 45) - Mon 30 Mar 2015

Loved it! Hope more great stories are to come... (sneaking a review while @ work) ^_^

DivaG (Chapter 45) - Mon 30 Mar 2015

I loved the story. It was great the way you explained the disappearance of demons in modern times, the way Sesshoumaru managed to make sure that Kagome could be with him in this other realm, and the way he made her sorrow for not be able to see her family ever again a little more bearable because he was right. Although now they have their own family to take care, children grow up and leave to pursue their lives and in the end only the mates will stay together. It was a great story of love overcoming all obstacles in pursuit of happiness. Great job. Kisses

cassandra (Chapter 45) - Mon 30 Mar 2015

So sad to see this story end. I really loved reading it. You are an awesome writer and I look forward to hopefully see more of your work in the future! 

Ldsan (Chapter 45) - Sun 29 Mar 2015

I had my doubts but deep down knew that you woudn't disappoint and that a happy ending was still possible.  Thank you sooo much for sharing your lovely story.  Congratulations!

Marie (Chapter 45) - Sun 29 Mar 2015

Congratulations!  You made a happy.ever after.even 5th ought I thought it was lost.  Congratulations  again! 

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