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Carlyn (Chapter 38) - Sun 05 Jan 2020

So, I like this story. I really really do. But there's just too much happening here. I mean, start the Lemon, cut to 12 year old girl being raped (ummm... mood killer?), cut back to lemon, pause Lemon for some romantic mushy stuff and ro talk about her current husband (???), cut back to Lemon. Also just too much cutting back and forth in general these last some odd chapters. I can't "get into" any part of the story currently happening before cutting to another. I would recommend the age-old saying "stay in the moment." If you won't, your readers won't either. But honestly, I'm really enjoying the story! It's just too much happening ro rapidly. Kagome in love, then crying 5 minutes after sess leaves, then happy with her kiss, then rapidly possessed eating an animal with her bare hands, cut to sesshomaru comes to save her (easy enough), cut to the aforementioned Lemons-type stuff. It's too much. 

Eliona (Chapter 58) - Sun 17 Nov 2019

Just finished your fanfic! Loved it, you did a great job. The only thing that threw me off about it though was the bread you sometimes had as a breakfast food xD bread wasn't all that common nor popular in Japan during the Sengoku period. The main staple was still rice, and even to this day rice remains more popular as a family staple food rather then bread. Kind of random of me? Lol, sorry xD hope to see more of your stories around! 

Ryo chan (Chapter 23) - Thu 07 Feb 2019

I love your writing! so i stuck around for a bit, but I hate the story every character is out of character, Kagome seems like a child. I would have understood if she was still 16 or but the fact that this takes place after naraku means she's a lot older with a mind of a child. But like i said your writing is wondeful cant wait to read the rest of your stuff

333Tenshi (Chapter 47) - Wed 09 May 2018

Inuyasha is so concerned with his pride and honor but he completely lost anything honorable about himself when he kidnapped and raped Rin. He also has lost his pride with his actions. I don't believe a man who was able to do those things could or should be given a second chance at happiness or life. 

333Tenshi (Chapter 45) - Wed 09 May 2018

I'm enjoying reading this story but I am confused about Ah-Un . They are more than some beast of burden but they didn't fight for Rin or attack Inuyasha. When she tried to escape they could have easily used an attack on a mate rope holding them back and what type of rope could hold a dragon?

Dryft (Chapter 58) - Sun 25 Mar 2018

I was quite pleased with the turn of events with the story even though I still believe that Inuyasha should of died... or at least remained with only 1 arm as extra punishment!

Dryft (Chapter 49) - Sun 25 Mar 2018

Sessh and Kagome are taking their sweet time to get there hauling the entire family....why not leave the kids home with the nanny so they can travel faster? Intriguing story

Dryft (Chapter 47) - Sun 25 Mar 2018

wow thank goodness Rin did not fall in love with him and what an asshole. I hope he dies..

Dryft (Chapter 41) - Sun 25 Mar 2018

I am really not liking the whole Rin is forgiving Inuyasha vibe......after what he's done to her?? Suddenly they are going to play house and be a happy family after 4 days of intense rape?

Lauryn (Chapter 43) - Sat 02 Sep 2017

Please kill him cause if Rin fall for yasha then that's just a serious case of Stockholm sydrum and that's not ok it's really messed up

maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 58) - Tue 18 Jul 2017

this is my second time reading this story and i find that it's still worth reading. what yasha did was wrong, but i'm glad he's going to get a second chance to live his life. sess made a bad mistake by not telling kags how he felt before she left and taking her after she came back and decided to marry yasha. one thing i've learned reading this story is that if you don't tell the person how you feel don't feel regret when you miss your chance. just move on. c'ya'

Nallely (Chapter 28) - Mon 24 Oct 2016

I'm sorrt but I couldn't finish your story, it is so OOC, Kagome was lying every time she felt cornered and the thing you say about saying that all woman would act like her in that situation is a no no. This Kagome is really inmatur, dependant and a little dum. And Sessh, forgiving time after time was so weird. Sorry.

RedDestiny92 (Chapter 58) - Tue 20 Oct 2015

Fantastic really, I would have liked a nice slow death for Inuyasha for his crimes of course that's just my more violent side speaking, loved the story, of course that's obvious since I read it in large groups...:D

RedDestiny92 (Chapter 38) - Mon 19 Oct 2015

I didn't even look how many chapters there were, I just started reading and kept clicking next, it's an amazing story, I like the dark bits, the back and forth on the romance, all the angst love it. I will read more later but awesome work :D

Angie (Chapter 58) - Sun 06 Sep 2015

This story was one of the most entertaining SessKag stories I've read. It also kept me suspense and the ending was absolutely brilliant. 

I wished that the beginning would have showed more of Kagome's attraction to Sesshomaru and that Sesshomaru didn't demand Kagome to sleep with him. 

Anyway, the changes in scenes confused me at times because you didn't make a separation from one pov to the other. I didn't figue out that it switched from what was happening to kagome then to rin until a few sentences in. There were some issues with grammar and the tenses. But overall the the flow of the story was great.

Raynell (Chapter 58) - Wed 19 Aug 2015

Very good tale and I enjoyed it very much. There were problems with grammar, tenses and confusing formatting/transition: many times, when you switched POV, you did not clarify which character was doing the thinking until several sentences deep, so you might want to watch this in your next project or if you decided to do a rewrite.

I loved that Sesshomaru developed his attraction for Kagome early on (since I totally believe that is what happened behind-the-scenes canon-wise), though I wasn't too thrilled that Sesshomaru pretty much raped Kagome the first time round -- consent given under duress is not consent, after all. But their second hook-up was consensual and that allowed me to believe in their relationship and their feelings.

I could have accepted Inuyasha and Rin ending up together IF ONLY Inuyasha had chosen to seduce Rin to punish Sesshomaru, but once he raped Rin, I was like, yeah, no way in hell should Rin end up with her rapist. I do like how Inuyasha ended up; I agree with Sesshomaru's mom's reasoning -- all three were involved in making the mess and it would have been unfair for only Inuyasha to pay with his life.

All in all, this was one of the more enjoyable SessKag fanfics I've read. Well done and keep on writing.

Tana_san (Chapter 42) - Sun 14 Dec 2014

I know most at this point would say that InuYasha should still die or that if Rin chose to stay with him that it was Stockholm Sydrome, but there are many women I have read of that ended up loving their rapist as things had changed once they found his victim had bore him a child and they learned to love each other and married and had other children too. I wonder if Rin could do this.

I also wonder if having his child in his arms will change his mind from fighting for revenge as his revenge gave him a child of his own and so far she isn't turning him away.

I know, I know, I wanted him to die too but now, I'm not so sure. He seemed to change almost instantly once the thought of his child became real to him and for this to happen he needed to care for it's mother and then he seemed to turn back to Inu again. I have hope...

Tana_san (Chapter 39) - Sun 14 Dec 2014

Oh good grief, InuYasha not only raped the poor girl and beat her within an inch of her life but he did repeatedly for 4 straight days and ended up impregnanting her! He is such slim in this fic...a monster that doesn't deserve living...he's like a lowly youkai that needs his life ended and he is now a true disgrace to his father's bloodline. Die, InuYasha!

On the other end of the island, Kagome and Sesshoumaru are finally coming together as true mates. So much hardship in such a little time and I would not have waited a moment longer either. So loving and tender.

I've got to wonder if Jaken is still alive in that well. He is a toad after all. I also wonder what all this will now do to Rin.

Still though, a great piece of fiction.

Tana_san (Chapter 32) - Sun 14 Dec 2014

As soon as Kagome started feeling sick I knew it had to do with Sesshoumaru saving Kagome. He said he didn't know if anything would happen and that was why he wanted to stay close to her incase something went wrong. It's something how it waited until she was alone. She also had that being who said they were from heaven tell her of this upcoming trouble she would need to fight. Poor Kagome. Nothing seems to stay happy for long.

And I can't believe Inu would hurt Rin in any way. It's just too hard to believe but then he's not been himself in a while now has he. Who will Sesshoumaru be able to save first? InuYasha will surely die if he hurts Sesshoumru's little girl. No one ever touches what or who belongs to Sesshoumaru.

Tana_san (Chapter 25) - Sun 14 Dec 2014

You know, it's as if I knew every chapter after the other. You and I always seem to think alike or at least I am on the same wave length as you when you write. You are very mature and wise, Moonlight Silk.(not that I'm saying I am, far from it) Never doubt your talent as a writer or about your knowlegde on love. You are spot on about the way you are writing Kagome. Many either make her this overly strong, intelligent woman or a whimpering woman/child unsure of herself and always talking all the crud life throws her way.

If this girl were real, she would make mistakes and through these mistakes she would learn to grow and remember not to make the same mistakes. Falling for Sesshoumaru was easy for her. She didn't exactly have a mature love for InuYasha, but she kept waiingd for him to find out if he truly wanted her, but I can guarrantee that if Kikyou had lived after the destruction of Naraku, Inu would have gone after her again. First love's are hard to let loose of. If you've never had another to compare it with it's easy to feel this is it.

So, Sesshoumaru never got a chance to tell her how he felt after the battle because she disappeared. She was gone for 3 years and even InuYasha moved on with other women while waiting for Kagome to come back but he had a double standard. Most men do, unfortunately.
I'm glad that Kagome thought to give up her children so she would be sure that he wouldn't die. That's a very human thought. I would rather have the man I love and our children alive and together without me than to take a chance that he might die during a sure battle with his brother. She knew that they were both very formable fighters as they fault so many times. Though I honestly feel that if it came down to it, Sesshoumaru would have to kill Inu with Bakusaiga. With that sword for sure he'd win. But Kagome doesn't know that now. She only knows how well InuYasha has become weilding Tetsusaiga. Oh and Sessh couldn't use Tensiega to bring him back as I think InuYasha would be even angrier that Sessh killed him, right? So, Kagome thought to do what she thought was right but after seeing Sesshoumaru's rage knew she needed to fix her mistake and quick...she learned and finally understood why this decision of hers hurt him so much as she kept doing the same thing by questioning his love and ability to protect her and the pups.

Great chapters. So human. We don't live in fairy tales and we can't always have the fairy tale ending. Maybe Kagome's really learned something? Gotta read more!!! TA...JEN

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