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New Beginnings

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Kagome spent three years in the future with her family after the defeat of Naraku and the Shikon no Tama wished out of existence. She spent her time focusing on finishing high school and improving her priestess abilities because she hoped the well would allow her to go back. All her efforts were so that she would be better able to survive in the feudal era.

After several months back in her time she found an old monk, one who still practiced the ancient arts of Shinto. He taught her all he could to improve her spiritual powers and then he referred her to a Taijutsu master to help her improve her physical and combat capabilities. The strenous activities helped her to cope when she missed her friends back in the past terribly.

After graduation her heart and mind knew that it was time to go home, but in all these three years there was not one single drop of magic surrounding the well. And then, one bright spring morning she felt the magic of the well and her heart swelled. She said goodbye to her mother, grand father and brother knowing full well that she might never see them again.

The well was unpredictable and she did not know what would happen once she reached the other side. Questions swum around in her head. Will she be able to go back and forth like before, or will the well stop working once again? Only time would tell.

She took a leap of faith literally, and her love was waiting for her on the other side. She was so happy, not only for herself but for everyone; her friends found the love that they yearned for. Sango and Miroku had twin girls and a baby boy. Shippo trained at the Kitsune school, Kohaku was honing his skills as a demon slayer and weapons master, and little Rin who was living with Kaede was now eleven years old. They had their reunion, stories were exchanged, they laughed, they cried at the nostalgia all the while enjoying each others’ company.


As the months rolled by, Kagome and Inuyasha grew closer again. They talked about marriage and family; he told her that he felt complete now that she was here. As he said those words to her she could not pretend not to notice the faraway look in his eyes and so she asked him about it. He said that he was fine but she was not satisfied with his answer yet she left the matter alone.

She slept alone at nights even though they missed each other. It would seem that the days were not long enough to contain the longing she felt, however, they'd decided to wait to be intimate until after marriage. Morally it was the right thing to do she'd decided reluctantly.

While alone one night her mind started to wonder. What if she could not please Inuyasha when they got married? He was a half demon and  both of them were inexperienced, at least she thought he was. To be honest she did not know much about demons and their ways. She was still very virginal and shy as hell, and Inuyasha and her had only kissed a couple of times and those times were under extreme circumstances.

When Kagome awoke the next day she decided to go and talk to Sango who was her best friend in this era; Sango would have the answers she thought, hopefully. She took a bath and fixed her hair in a messy bun; it was much longer now, touching her bottom and at times it was quite unmanageable.

She dressed herself in an unconventional kimono, one which was light and airy with splits up the sides to make movements easier minus the obi, that she could not tie or get used to. She was a modern girl and could not fully appreciate the older traditional garment.

Without being vain she knew that she looked good. She had always been slim but with an ample bosom, a tone body from playing volley ball in high school and from all the physical activities she had done these past few years to improve her fighting and priestess skills. Now that she had matured her figure was even more pronounced.

After checking her appearance once more in the full-length mirror she had brought with her to this time she left to go see Sango. On her way she stopped to admire the beautiful country side and landscape. It was breathtaking as always, so green, clean and lush and the lovely smell of cherry blossoms perfumed everywhere.

She forced herself to move on, if she had not done so she might have lingered much longer. In no time at all she was at Sango’s house, she could hear her talking to her husband. Kagome approached them and said.

“Hi Sango, Miroku.” Sango smiled and greeted Kagome with a tight hug before moving away.

"How have you been Kagome?" They both asked simultaneously.

She smiled and replied. "I am well."

After that she asked Sango. "Can we talk, just the two of us?" 

Sango nodded yes and then said. "Sure we can. Just let me finish up here."

Kagome went outside leaving Sango to finish up her chores. She looked around a bit and found the perfect spot in the shade under a tree and sat down. While enjoying the breezy tranquility she thought about her perspectives and how best to convey her thoughts to Sango. She was a little apprehensive because the matter to be discussed was very private and sensitive.

It was not long before Sango came outside and stated.

"I am here.”


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