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Liv (Chapter 5) - Fri 28 Nov 2014

A part two to Midnight Tryst would be awesome! But so far, I'm loving every story that you come up with ^_^ keep them coming!!

Emerald LockHeart (Chapter 16) - Thu 27 Nov 2014

WOW! that was hot please update soon btw i was just wondering are you gonna do a part 2 to Midnight Tryst and part 3 to Dark Desires it would be awesome if you did it seems like there is more to those :D

Yin - Yang M (Chapter 16) - Thu 27 Nov 2014

hot, hot, hot. Everyone of these chapter was hot. 

stoictimer (Chapter 16) - Thu 27 Nov 2014

Happy thanksgiving


hot hot hot thanksgiving ????

dancingfingers (Chapter 16) - Thu 27 Nov 2014

It started so sweet, and then bam, it's hot!

I want Sesshomaru as my tutor, too. *drools*

Inuaddict (Chapter 11) - Thu 27 Nov 2014

Ok serious confusion - if he is is spirit, how in the hell could he have slept with her?

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 16) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Good chapters, keep it coming Happy Thanksgiving

sugar0o (Chapter 16) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

0o0o0o0o my gah you s0o0o need to make like 3 parts to this, because i think it could go so far! sexy that's what it is!

Silence-Midnight (Chapter 15) - Sat 18 Oct 2014

Aw, such a good stroy. I have tears in my eyes because the last was so emotional.

The other one-shots are also great and I look forward to your next one-shot whenever you have time for it^^

So until next time


AnimeLady04 (Chapter 11) - Wed 17 Sep 2014


This one should be a strong too! Like maybe a three shot! (Hey I'll take two!!!!)

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 5) - Wed 17 Sep 2014

This is awesome

Really great one shot

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 4) - Wed 17 Sep 2014

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE for this to be a story!@!!!!!!!

Please? please? please? please?

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 2) - Wed 17 Sep 2014

This reminds me of Bound by Corruption

but he's so much nicer in this one shot! ^_^

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Fri 12 Sep 2014

That was even better than the first chapter. Very nice indeed. Thanks so much!

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Fri 12 Sep 2014

This was really good. Sneaky trick, but it worked and he made it better. Can't wait to read it all.

dancingfingers (Chapter 15) - Thu 11 Sep 2014

It's hot, it's sweet, and it made me sniffle from the loveliness of this couple. Thank you for the update!

Kim (Chapter 15) - Thu 11 Sep 2014

I loooooooove this chapter, I believe you had the right amount of both worlds and it was awesome!!! Thank you for writing another chapter!!!

Shaneka (Chapter 15) - Thu 11 Sep 2014

Love the chapter can't wait for the others. Update soon please.

Cathyrin (Chapter 15) - Wed 10 Sep 2014

Your oneshots are happy little bits that show in my inbox when ive had the crappiest and most stressful days. Its like u know when i need a pick-me-up. So blerg to those trying to rush u. Keep going at ur pace and making the chapters wonderful. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 15) - Wed 10 Sep 2014

Sweet chapter, keep it coming.

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