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A Smell So Sweet by BelovedStranger

Be Mine


This first oneshot in this series of unconnected oneshot collection is AU. This prompt from Stella's Spicy Challenge is 'saffron' which is the gold of the Hellenic soil. It’s among the most popular and valuable spices of the ancient civilizations, for its aroma, color, drugging agents and aphrodisiac qualities. It’s also known as “the flower of the Mediterranean cuisine”.

I want to thank Stella for not only creating this wonderful challenge, but for also being so kind to beta the chapter for me. This chapter is dedicated to you, my friend! Enjoy everyone!

Sesshomaru waited patiently for his prey to enter his domain. He had made careful plans in his favor that would prompt her to step willingly into his snare. He almost grimaced as his thoughts reminded him why he had to go to such lengths to get what he desired. He had asked Kagome, the beautiful, young, human miko, out on several occasions over the last few weeks assured of his success only to be shot down each and every time without fail. He was baffled. Never before had a female said ‘no’ to him and actually make good on her word.

Kagome’s first rejection started a series of chain reactions that turned his lust into something more. At first he had tried to deny his growing feelings for his younger, half-breed brother’s friend, but every time he met her chocolate brown orbs, he knew he lied and only succumbed to her charm deeper each time. He was confused and irritated less because of her rejection but more so of her less than complementary view of him thinking he wasn’t the permanent type. He was both insulted and surprised by her insight; though, now it was different. He meant to play for keeps if only she would give him a chance.

That was when he recruited Inuyasha’s help. At first his brother had refused claiming Kagome deserved better treatment than Sesshomaru could give her until his older brother revealed his intentions of mating the girl. Inuyasha knew how his friend secretly loved his older brother, so he grudgingly accepted to help Sesshomaru lure her to their mansion. He warned Sesshomaru what would happen if he dared hurt Kagome, though. So he called Kagome up asking her to come over to hang out with him to which she accepted without a thought. He almost felt bad for manipulating her this way, but if she would be happy in the end, his conscious be damned. Then he left, promising to stay away for the rest of the evening and night.

Kagome drove over to the Tashio residence feeling awe every time she gazed upon the mansion’s magnificence. Her awe was a little dampened when she walked up the stairs to the front door and let herself in with the key Inuyasha’s father had been kind enough to offer her so long ago. She had been friends with Inuyasha for as long as she could remember; though, she wasn’t rich as they were, she was still treated as family.

Opening the door, Kagome couldn’t help but remember how persistent Sesshomaru had been these last few weeks determined for some reason to have her in his bed. She didn’t believe him when he had once told her his intentions were serious because he lied so easily, and he went from one woman to another as a bee would amongst flowers.

Though, he was a womanizer, she knew him to be an otherwise honorable demon who worked hard at his father’s company and had always treated her with kind courtesy, until now. She couldn’t count how many times she had been tempted to give in to his offer of carnal pleasure, but somehow she would always remember she wanted more from a relationship. She wanted love and commitment, something he could never give her, and she accepted that. She just wished he’d stop putting temptation in her path.

All of a sudden, she smelled something exotic in the air and took a deep breath to enjoy the heady scent with a smile on her face; though, she knew not where the smell was coming from. “Hey, Inuyasha? You here? What’s that smell? It smells amazing.”

Inuyasha didn’t answer nor could she find the elusive dog eared friend of hers. She had started to get worried as she traveled through the first floor of the mansion then up the long stair case to the second floor intending to go to his room in an effort to locate him, but her thoughts were becoming hard to maintain as she reached the top of the stairs. Her body was getting hot and itchy. The smell was in her nose and further in her head it seemed. Her own clothes seemed to irritate her, every brush of her bra against her nipples torture, and her core oddly hot and wet. What was happening?

She was standing in a short blue skirt and white short sleeve shirt, so she couldn’t understand how she could be so hot. She was tempted to take off some clothes in an effort to cool down, but she couldn’t retain the thought as her mind seemed to fog, and a foreign need swamped her. She was sweating and panting by the time she got to an open door and a voice reached her. “Come in, koi.”

Looking almost desperately for the one who spoke, her eyes landed on a tall masculine form. She had to blink a few times to put him in focus and force her brain to understand who she was seeing. “Sesshomaru,” she whispered, glad to see someone, anyone. Taking a step towards him, she said, “There’s something wrong with me.”

He walked towards her saying, “I’m here.” Then he gently grabbed her arm and she froze as need hit her hard in the stomach causing her to gasp in response. He put his arms around her, holding her close to his chest, and the contact made the burning need so much worse. She tried to tell him and push him away. “Worse…” she muttered, panting for breath.

She was barely aware of him picking her up and taking her into his room. Looking up she gazed at him beseechingly before she noticed his mouth. She didn’t know when she reached up to kiss him, but she felt her lips crash into his and her arms encircle his neck as she tried to get closer. His silky hair brushed softly across her arms and she shivered and moaned at the gentle touch.

Sesshomaru was surprised at first of her ardor, but remembered the saffron candles he had lit on the first floor and groaned his thankfulness of her acceptance of him as need for this onna swamped him. He was a powerful inuyoukai and the effects of the candles had no effect on him, but still he burned for Kagome and finally he would have her, all of her. He just hoped she wouldn’t hate him for his deception. Ignoring this thought, he felt her breasts push against his hard chest, and Sesshomaru dominated the kiss, forcing his way into her mouth, tasting her.

She was like fire in his arms, her nails digging into his bare back, trying to get closer still. He felt her kick her legs out of his arm. He would have put her down, but her legs quickly rose to circle his hips, her core grinding into the bulge in his pants. He growled at her actions, breaking the kiss, hissing as he felt her wet heat scorch him through cloth.

“Sesshomaru, please,” she panted at him, pulling at his hair, and grinding against him harder and faster seeking relief. She moaned in despair when relief was not forthcoming, the heat rising.

Seeing that the aphrodisiac was working strongly and swiftly through her small body, he knew only hours of orgasms could start to relieve her pain, and he was more than demon enough to give her just that. “I’ve got just what you need, koi.”

Not being gentle as they were past that now, Sesshomaru slammed her against the wall in his sitting room by his door to his bedroom, pinning her there while he ravished her. Moving his hips in forceful circles against her core, he heard her cry out and buck wildly against him. Kissing her for just a moment, he forced her shirt and bra up revealing her plump breasts to his gaze. Leaning back he saw her normally white flesh flushed in a becoming pink while her nipples were erect and hard waiting for his manipulation.

Taking her left nipple into his mouth, he sucked hard causing Kagome to arch her back, offering herself to him in blatant invitation. Reaching down between their bodies, he forced his hand into her panties to feel her wet and creamy on his fingers. His light touch had her orgasming hard, his fingers drenched in her essence. He had to taste her. While she breathed heavily, finally still and eyes closed but continued to pant for air, he brought his wet fingers to his mouth, tasting her, groaning in delight. She tasted so sweet. He would have gone down on his knees for a deeper taste, but her agitated movements and words stopped him.

“It’s happening again, Sesshomaru!” Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, grinding her pelvis into his once more in an effort to gain relief as heat scorched her again

Knowing she was in pain and needing him to take it away, Sesshomaru understood now was not the time for prolonged foreplay. He was heavy and ready for her as he ripped her panties and unzipped his pants, releasing his cock. They both groaned when he rubbed his massive length against her hot core. Moving his hips, angling himself just right, he thrust into her tight sheath powerfully, breaking through her maiden head. She cried out, but he could tell it was not from pain as she grinded her hips against his again.

He retreated before thrusting powerfully inside her again, feeling her walls constrict around him, trying to hold him inside her, but he kept moving, pounding into her. He wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her from slamming into the wall, then his mouth was once more on her breast. She moaned and clawed at him egging him on. He felt her convulse, tightening around his cock almost milking him prematurely of his seed as another climax raced through her.

She bit his neck and he growled fiercely at the pleasure it caused him. Backing away from the wall, he moved her legs from around his waist to hang from his forearms as it allowed him to thrust more deeply inside her, bouncing her in the air to slide repeatedly down his long, thick member, her juices coating him and dripping down his balls. 

This time she was kissing him with such passion, nipping at his bottom lip, demanding more of him, which he gladly gave. This time when she climaxed, she brought him with her, milking his seed as he buried himself to the hilt. After that he carried her the rest of the way to his bed and spent hours showing her many other ways he could make her body sing. 

The next morning Kagome awoke to a twinge of pain between her sticky thighs and memories of all the sinful acts she and Sesshomaru had committed. She closed her eyes tightly trying to deny reality. ‘How could this have happened?!’ Then she felt him move behind her and kiss her shoulder. “Good morning, koi.”

“Sesshomaru, what did you do?” she demanded, turning over to glare at him, a blush rising to her face at the sight of his naked chest.

He smirked at her rise in color. “Still embarrassed after all we’ve shared?”

“I’m serious, Sesshomaru! I would never…I’m not the kind…” Kagome tried to explain but became tongue tied to which Sesshomaru had a contrite expression upon his face.

“I wished to show you how I felt towards you,” he started to explain.

“That smell!” Kagome gasped. “You drugged me!” she accused, growing angry and tears pricking her eyes at his betrayal. She tried to get out of the bed and run away from him, but he was faster, pinning her to the bed by looming over her and she could feel that they both were very much naked.

“Get off, you bastard!” she choked out with tears clogging her throat.

“Let me explain,” Sesshomaru entreated in his low husky voice.

She shook her head violently and tried to throw him off, but he was far stronger than her, too. She had half a mind to blast him to hell, but his words sank into her betrayal filled mind.

“I would not have done such a thing had I not been willing and desperate to ask you to be my mate,” he told her softly.

He felt her still beneath him and look up at him in surprise. “You want to…mate with me?”

“Yes,” he told her, kissing her forehead tenderly.

“You love me?” she asked.

“Deeply,” he responded, kissing her lips softly.

She threw her arms around him, clinging to him and asked quietly but desperately, “Make love to me.”

His breath caught in his lungs before he proceeded to make love to her as if he had not just spent hours deep inside her.  He started by kissing her slowly, passionately. He cupped her breasts, circling the hardening buds with his thumbs, tempting him to feast upon her flesh once more. Moving his mouth to glide down her elegant neck, grazing his teeth gently on her pulse, he growled as her moan rent the air once more.

He felt as if his heart would swell from the love he felt towards her, knowing that this time he took her, it was because she wanted him to without the drug’s effects clouding her senses. She arched her back eagerly as he bent his head to take a nipple into his mouth, suckling her gently knowing her flesh must be raw from his previous attentions. He felt her fingers against his scalp, heard her soft sighs of pleasure, and trailed his questing lips lower to kiss along her sternum, down to her navel before swirling his tongue there making her quiver beneath him.  When he moved lower, she pushed at his shoulders. “Not there,” knowing he had done so many times before but still shy.

Smiling up at her reassuringly but determinedly, he said, “Yes there,” and he forced her legs wider and wrapped his lips around her wet sex and she bucked beneath him voicing her pleasure, her hands wound tight in his silver locks. Placing a forearm across her hips to keep her still for his exploration, he glided his tongue between her wet lips before suckling on the sensitive nub.

He felt her squirm and writher beneath his hold, her musky scent intensifying, intoxicating him, her taste divine on his tongue. “Please!” he heard her whisper hoarsely. In answer, he shoved his tongue inside her, rubbing his tongue against her inner walls with the rough appendage causing her to cry out his name as she orgasmed. He lapped up her essence greedily until she stopped moving, spent.

He loomed over her, making room between her thighs for his hips, his hard and eager cock nudging at her folds. She moaned and shook her head to gaze up at him with a pleading expression, passion still glazing her eyes. “I can’t…too tired.”

Kissing her gently, he lifted her right leg over his shoulder and entered her in one smooth motion, her walls closing around his cock like a vice. “Yes, you can. Take me, Kagome. Feel me deep inside you.” He began a slow steady pump, letting her sore flesh become once more accustomed to his invasion. She moaned prettily for him, her breathing accelerating once more. She grabbed onto his shoulders, nails sinking deep as he continued thrusting in and out of her.

He could feel his balls ready to release his seed, but he held on, not willing to let go until she orgasmed again, so reaching between their bodies, he rubbed his thumb around the nub of her sex. Minutes later, thankfully she came crying out his name, and he let go of her leg and lunged towards her to sink his fangs deeply into the place where her shoulder and neck met, claiming her as his. He felt her reach her peak again, clutching his head to her as his seed filled her womb once more.

Licking the blood that welled from the wound, he heard her murmur, “I love you, too, Sesshomaru.”

His head rose sharply as he watched her smile brightly if tiredly up at him and warmth filled his heart for the love they shared. Then he drew her head towards his neck, leaning down and telling her huskily, “Mark me as yours, koi.” He felt her kiss him where his shoulder and neck met before biting him, clamping her human teeth onto his flesh, making his spine arch as pleasure snaked down his spine in unbelievable waves, his cock hardening again. Finally he felt her teeth break skin, and he used his aura to scar the bite there so all could see to whom he belonged proudly when she had lay back upon the pillows.

“Again?” she asked breathlessly, his blood surprisingly invigorating to her, tasting tangy and delicious. She could feel her body respond weakly to his.

He turned over on his side, forcing her to do the same so he could spoon behind her, cupping her breasts in his palms. “No, Kagome. Sleep and rest.”

Feeling treasured and loved, they both fell asleep content for the first time in what seemed like years.


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