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Aoi-Kaji (Chapter 46) - Sun 11 Dec 2011

Sigh... Why do you have to be such a tease, forthright? Prease update soon! It's getting to the sweet stuff! Romantic kagomaru trying to take his dear vicious and emotionally confusing sesshoume lol

Aoi-Kaji (Chapter 45) - Fri 09 Dec 2011

Aww! Omg, I love this! She's starting to warm up to him. This is totally how sesshoumaru and kagome would act if ever he roles had been reversed. Rocking' job, forthright!

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 45) - Thu 08 Dec 2011

Aww, poor Sessh, she needs reassurance in her off balance world, poor girl. Loved this though

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 45) - Thu 08 Dec 2011

Aww, poor Sessh, she needs reassurance in her off balance world, poor girl. Loved this though

Jennifer (Chapter 44) - Mon 05 Dec 2011

i thinkthats the first official sorta kinda D'Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww moment

Aoi-Kaji (Chapter 44) - Mon 05 Dec 2011

Awww! How sweet! Sesshoume totally wants kagomaru to rub against her tonight. C: I'm so glad you updated this one, forthright! Please continue!

kay (Chapter 42) - Sun 04 Dec 2011

why do you call her sesshoume-SAMA? isn't that too formal for a spousal relationship?? why not sesshoume-san?? And, I think Japanese people use last names if they are not so familiar with each other... I know that sesshoumaru does not have a last name, but it has bothered me that in all your stories you used a really formal and "respected" affix to his name, when Kagome's (rather, their) relationship has changed from "strangers" to something akin to intimate.

Other than this grammatical babble, i very much enjoy your stories. (hence I have followed your stories thus far).

But please consider my advise. thx

Kay (Chapter 42) - Sun 04 Dec 2011

o00o0o this is the first genderbender that i've read and you are doing amazing i think :) I like how even tho their sex is switched their personalities are still the same :D update soon

SakiSenka (Chapter 41) - Sun 04 Dec 2011

i love that. 'he offends me' priceless.

Silver Standard Society (Chapter 40) - Wed 09 Nov 2011

Miroku's not going to like how this ends... XD CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE

Kar (Chapter 40) - Mon 07 Nov 2011

now this is about the actual chapter, i start reading im going through the chapters and im like wow things getting heated lol. and then kags is like no!!!! and im like NOOOOO!!! because pretty after that there NOTHING LEFT!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!! how can you do this to ME!!!!!! i need to know what happens does sessh save her self or does her new husband make it in time, what if he just manages to jump in the way and put a barrier up at the same time, that would be so cool!!!! lol till then,


Kar (Chapter 40) - Mon 07 Nov 2011

i read the chapter go to the bottom to click the arror sign that takes me to next. and im like  "WHAT!!! ITS NOT THERE!?!? @_@" and thats when<_< i notice that the next update wont be unil december and im like "CURSES!!!!!WHY YOU GOT ME WAIT SO LONG!!?!?!?!!?!?!?>_>" but since i love you i have no choice but to wait... yes thats my reason for waiting because i love you and not because that the next drawble date is december 3rd... yup LOL. till then,


Violetcarson (Chapter 40) - Sun 06 Nov 2011

Really?! You're leaving it there?!?!?! D: Just a prediction, but I feel like Miroku's about to get seriously pwned. XD

Rin (Chapter 38) - Sun 06 Nov 2011

Awww. Such an adorable chapter. <3

I don't think I've really read Genderbender fanfics before, but I find I can actually see them the way you protray them here. I'm a little impressed. <3

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 37) - Sun 06 Nov 2011

0.o is souta his brother in this, because if not, this story just took a disturbing turn for me XD, I love it, so simple yet complex.

Rin (Chapter 37) - Sun 06 Nov 2011

XD No, I'd say that she is deffinetly not Sota. <3

KikuFire (Chapter 37) - Sun 06 Nov 2011

Lol nope kagomaru that is NOT your little brother, Sesshome is all woman! =D Enjoy!

Alice (Chapter 35) - Sun 06 Nov 2011

That was soooooo cute. :3

Kar (Chapter 30) - Thu 27 Oct 2011

ahhh interesting i wonder how this masterpiece will play out, till next time,


Rin (Chapter 28) - Tue 11 Oct 2011

Aww. Kagomaru's such a sweetie. <3

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