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JeniNeji (Chapter 10) - Sun 07 Aug 2011

well, at least he's alive :)

JeniNeji (Chapter 9) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

O_O Oh uh

KyuubiPandoraChan (Chapter 7) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

This has become another favourite of mine. I can't wait to see what happen to both of them now. XD

Paige (Chapter 7) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

This story is... different from what I usually read. ;P

I'm really curious to know what Sesshomaru's name will be as a female...

I look forward to the next review!

JeniNeji (Chapter 7) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

Eeeeep! Maybe she'll kiss him instead lol

JeniNeji (Chapter 6) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

>_> Oh bother...this keeps getting worst for poor Kag

Noooooo (Chapter 5) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

Aargh! These drabbles of your must be stopped! It should be illegal or something to have so much goodness but only in tantalising nibble-sized pieces! Its like the smallest of fan-fixes, more than enough to get you hooked but not enough to satisfy and then the waiting!!! *stomps foot, hands on hips* no no no no you can't keep doing this to me! Please! Have mercy, write bigger chapters! Just every other chapter or something, anything! Please!


Great fic, as usual lol. Are you going to carry some gender traits across too? Very interested to see where you take this. I take it that only their genders have been switched? Or might we see Saroku slapping, um, Mingo? Now that doesn't work at all, but I'm sure you could do infinitely better that that lol. Thankyou for another story, update soon!

JeniNeji (Chapter 5) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

Oh...I bet he liked her eyes XD He must feel very awkward

JeniNeji (Chapter 4) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

Ugh...apparently he's a very unlucky individual :S

JeniNeji (Chapter 3) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

:gasps: Oh no! He's an assassin now EEEeeee "Run"

JeniNeji (Chapter 2) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

Yus...optimism is a better word

JeniNeji (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Aug 2011

ANything is NEVER a nice word to say lol

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