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KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Thu 04 Sep 2014

Played her like a fine violin! Nice. Wow 519 chapters, I've got some catching up to do.

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Thu 04 Sep 2014

Oh, just 3 chapters in and I am hooked. I love drabbles, so much anticipation packed into a few short sentences. Watch out Kagome.

Nilee1 (Chapter 519) - Thu 04 Sep 2014

You were missed so very much. 

Your stories are perfection.

Sapphyre (Chapter 519) - Thu 04 Sep 2014

My heart. I've missed you. I've missed this story. Oh, lord, this is perfection. I'm going to cry now. Happy tears, of course. 

Eryn (Chapter 519) - Thu 04 Sep 2014

I'm so excited you're back!  It's always a happy day when "Lord Charming" pops up on the list again.  Another fabulous and thoughtful chapter.  So much said with so few words.


Thank you!

WildcatYST (Chapter 519) - Thu 04 Sep 2014

Lucky day! Two updates in a row. I still love your story and I can't wait to see how it continues to progress. Lovely characterizations and you do a great job evoking so much emotion in such such chapters. Thanks for the update and I hope to see another soon!

Andrea (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

So happy to see updates again, thank you!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Good chapters, keep it coming

Lazurite (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

It's so hard to decide which of the four is the most adorable... My brain is going to explode from cuteness...

Lazurite (Chapter 511) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

What kind of penalty? I guess that answers my arm question.

Lazurite (Chapter 509) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

I vote for highly specific.

Lazurite (Chapter 506) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

She's going to find a way to dodge that question too...

Lazurite (Chapter 502) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

That's hysterical! Does she even realize she contradicted herself?

Himura Asami (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014


Himura Asami (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014


Lazurite (Chapter 495) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Gah... He was ditched...

Lazurite (Chapter 490) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

I'm surprised she hasn't told him herself yet, when she's from. I suppose it's more dramatic this way.

Loveyaa (Chapter 518) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

OMG...back and right into the swing of things without missing a beat. I have missed your small tales. I'm back to wondering what will come of these alliances and how much longer will they have a reason to stay together (the event). I can't wait to see what happens next and how Kagome reacts to all of them,especially Sesshouamru with them, around her :)

Lazurite (Chapter 478) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Ha ha... My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I just watched that last weekend!

Lazurite (Chapter 471) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Um... I can't remember how far along this story is in the month... but I think you sped up biology by about a week...

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