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LoveAndFaith (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Good chapters, keep it coming

Lazurite (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

It's so hard to decide which of the four is the most adorable... My brain is going to explode from cuteness...

Lazurite (Chapter 511) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

What kind of penalty? I guess that answers my arm question.

Lazurite (Chapter 509) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

I vote for highly specific.

Lazurite (Chapter 506) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

She's going to find a way to dodge that question too...

Lazurite (Chapter 502) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

That's hysterical! Does she even realize she contradicted herself?

Himura Asami (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014


Himura Asami (Chapter 519) - Wed 03 Sep 2014


Lazurite (Chapter 495) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Gah... He was ditched...

Lazurite (Chapter 490) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

I'm surprised she hasn't told him herself yet, when she's from. I suppose it's more dramatic this way.

Loveyaa (Chapter 518) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

OMG...back and right into the swing of things without missing a beat. I have missed your small tales. I'm back to wondering what will come of these alliances and how much longer will they have a reason to stay together (the event). I can't wait to see what happens next and how Kagome reacts to all of them,especially Sesshouamru with them, around her :)

Lazurite (Chapter 478) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Ha ha... My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I just watched that last weekend!

Lazurite (Chapter 471) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Um... I can't remember how far along this story is in the month... but I think you sped up biology by about a week...

Lazurite (Chapter 447) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Wait... So mom doesn't know how he lost his arm then?

Lazurite (Chapter 448) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

A little slow on the uptake there...

cjflutterbye (Chapter 518) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

I'm so so happy that you updated. It had been so long I was starting to worry that something had happened to you. I'm glad you are okay, and thank you for the update. Love this story! 

Himura Asami (Chapter 518) - Wed 03 Sep 2014


Fyrelilly (Chapter 518) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Thank you for updating!! I am so glad you are still around!!! And best of luck on the manuscripts!!!!!

NicoRavenPen (Chapter 518) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

~~Yaaaaay! You're back! XD I can't tell you how happy your little update made me; I was only just rereading this one a couple of days ago and sighing despondently that it still left off where last I'd read...Thank you for the update Forthright! *^_^*

SleepyCat (Chapter 518) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

I've been keeping up with this fic on fanfiction and I'm so glad to see it updated! Good luck with everything in RL and know that your loyal reviewers will always be waiting :) That being said, great job on another great chapter!

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