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Nicole (Chapter 529) - Sat 14 Feb 2015

Please continue I love reading this story and I know others do as well :-)

Stephanie (Chapter 529) - Wed 24 Dec 2014

I really admire your 100 word submissions although it peeved me when I first began reading. I came across the story from a fanart.  I like the plot and the way you have skewed the characters into better versions of themselves and still kept the tone of the original series.  Keep up the great work.  I look forward to your next subission.


KShadeslady (Chapter 529) - Fri 31 Oct 2014

OMG!! Those last two chapters were so funny! Just how far does "taking her Place" go? Can't wait for the next chapter. I really love this story. 

NitoriNikki (Chapter 529) - Sat 11 Oct 2014

Muhaha. Now I can say 'Please continue soon!' SO please?!  ~~♥

NitoriNikki (Chapter 354) - Sat 11 Oct 2014

Oops. There was more. Sorry '///'

NitoriNikki (Chapter 331) - Sat 11 Oct 2014

Oh. Please continue soon! I love this story so much! 

~krazy4fluffy~ (Chapter 529) - Tue 07 Oct 2014

I've reviewed before a couple times but I'm not sure you read reviews anymore. I mean, you must get like a thousand a day hehe.

I love the progress of this story but it keeps making me think of how things transitioned in Unspoiled. Yes, Sesshoumaru is not a kid here, but it's almost the same 'plot'. A little less dramatic, perhaps, and a lot more fun, hehe, but I can guess that Kagome is going to be missing Sesshoumaru then realizing she needs him (just like in Unspoiled). Not to say this is bad. But I just thought I'd give some feedback. I do dearly hope there is a different kind of twist here. Hehehe...

Although, even if it is the alike in some ways, I love this story anyway.

Makes me dream of butterflies and chocolate bunnies. <3


AnimeLady04 (Chapter 529) - Mon 06 Oct 2014

oooo Sesshomaru will NOT be happy with this!

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 528) - Mon 06 Oct 2014

Sneaky Sessh-Mom!!!!

Jc (Chapter 529) - Mon 06 Oct 2014

Is Kagome taking him to the future now? Oh that would be so hilarious!!! Awwwwwww and soooooooooooooo romantic!!! And funny! I luv ya! Your story is so great! Please update! Keep it up and keep it coming! =]

Loveyaa (Chapter 529) - Sun 05 Oct 2014 Inuyasha with help with Sesshoumaru's everything? How is that even possible?? Especially since they presented Inuyasha as an equal and legitimate son. Hmm... I wonder why they even felt the need to get Kagome home at this point. I can't wait to see what happens next and if Sesshoumaru and Kagome just go along with it :)

Ree-san (Chapter 529) - Sun 05 Oct 2014

I've really been enjoying this story so far and always look forward to the updates!  I really hope that their relationship starts to move forward some.  Hopefully they'll be able to find some time alone with no distractions.  Perhaps a trip to the future is coming up? 

Himura Asami (Chapter 529) - Sun 05 Oct 2014

He's so sweet!

Lazurite (Chapter 529) - Sun 05 Oct 2014

It took me a minute to figure out who speaking there at the end. It seemed like Sesshoumaru, but I thought he was saying he took her place himself, not Inuyasha.

Lazurite (Chapter 528) - Sun 05 Oct 2014

That was unexpected...

WildcatYST (Chapter 528) - Sun 05 Oct 2014

Ah! The moment of truth! What will Sesshoumaru say about that?! Waiting (im)patiently for the next installment. 

Molly Hooper Holmes (Chapter 528) - Sat 04 Oct 2014

Has it really been less than a month for those two?! Really need to read from the beginning again but I'm determined to hold out for the finale!

Eva (Chapter 528) - Sat 04 Oct 2014

Giving him enough rope to hang himself with... Oh InuMama is wicked. 

Christina (Chapter 528) - Sat 04 Oct 2014

Omg! I am so in love with this story. I love this Chapter. 

Himura Asami (Chapter 528) - Sat 04 Oct 2014



Sneaky Momma!

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