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I used to be a vivid reader (still am) ever since who knows how many years.

This time, I started writing! I always wanted to write stories with all the imaginations in my head. But I'm not good in describing scenes or people, or you may find me long winded too. I hope I will improve as times goes by.

I had just started to play around the website. Just wanted to tell all my readers, Thank you so much for the reviews! I really appreciated. (Previously I do not know how to reply back my readers' reviews, which I had just found out through via the profile entry.)

Anyway, let's continue with our interest in Sesshomaru and Kagome! Let's keep Dokuga continue to strive!

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When Kagome is running away from her abusive father, she falls into her inevitable fate where a long journey awaits her. Power, supreme, love...Will she be able to survive her inevitable destiny?
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 16 Feb 2016  -  Updated: 13 Jan 2018
Genre: Angst, Drama, Friendship, Romance, Tragedy  -  Chapters: 51  -  Reviews: 123  -  Words: 104,517  -  Reads: 118,701

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