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Her Inevitable Destiny by Tsuki Hime

The Beginning

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“N-noo!! Please, stop it!” Kagome cried, crawling backwards away from him. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as he stalked towards her, as if a predator catching its prey. “Come here, Kagome. You and I know there’s no one here tonight. Your mother has brought Souta to see the doctor. You do not want her to come back before Souta able gets any treatment for his fever, do you?” Jirou said.

Kagome had been living in hell ever since she was born. Sometime, her hands will glow, forming an orb around it. It makes her feels calm and complete, but she believes it brings her misfortune. Kagome’s parents always give her dirty looks whenever she calls out to them. Her mother always kept a distance from her and would not touch her. As for her father, Jirou, he hits Kagome for no reason.

No matter how hard she tries to gain attention from them, she always ends up with bruises that are well hidden underneath her clothes.

Souta was kept away from her, as if fearing she might pass the “virus” to him. Grandpa was her only family who she could lean on. He would always protect her whenever Kagome gets a beating.

However, when she was 9, her grandpa had passed on. She was so devastated that she curled up in front of his grave every day. Kagome’s only family she could rely on, was gone. And that’s when everything went downhill.

The beating went from bad to worse. Jirou started drinking profusely. When he was in a bad mood, he would beat her. If he was in a good mood, he would hold her and caress her hands. At first, Kagome thought he started to acknowledge her, and she was so happy. Even if it was only times when he feels happy, it meant a lot to her. But she was so wrong.

Months after months, his caresses on her hands moved to her face and body. His touching made her feel so uncomfortable. She was so scared, but she did not know what to do. Kagome had been yearning for his love, for the fatherly love. She was so confused, and thus, not doing anything lead to tonight’s happening*.

Jirou walked into her bedroom as she was about to sleep. Kagome could smell the sake radiating off his body, as he walked towards her. All of sudden, he pounced on her, holding her hands away. Kagome was shocked by his attack, not registering what was happening. Not until he lifted her shirt and started kissing her body, did she find out.

Kagome used all her strength and pushed him away. She tried to run out of the bedroom, but was tripped by something, making her fall towards the ground. When Kagome looked back, he was walking towards her, slowly.

“Kagome, Kagome, come to me.” He purred. As soon as the words are out, he grabbed her leg and pulled towards him. Kagome struggled in vain, as he held her hands above her head. He was too strong. He started to grab her shirt and pants roughly, tearing some part of them.

Just when she thought all hope was gone, suddenly, a bright light engulfed them. The next moment, Kagome saw Jirou fly back, knocking onto the wardrobe. Although she did not know what had happen, she used the opportunity to run.

Kagome ran out of the house, and towards the old abandon well house. She did not know why she ran to hide in this old well house, but her instinct told her to.

“KAGOME! Come out right now! Or else!” She panicked, scared that he would beat her again, and this time for sure, it wouldn’t be nice. Knowing that he is walking towards her, she jumped into the well, hoping that he will not look inside.

White and blue lights surrounded her, it was so pretty. When her feet hit the ground, Kagome instantly cowered at one corner.

She stayed in that form, hoping that Jirou will not see her and give up. She does not know how long it had passed, when she fall asleep. Neither does she know, from this moment onwards, her life will change drastically.


Somewhere in the forest, the lord of the west is patrolling the border of his territory when suddenly he caught something off in the air. He ran through the forest and came upon the demon eating well. Something seems to be radiating from the well.

“Is there a demon been thrown into the well recently?” He thought. As he walked nearer, he could hear sobs.

“Hello?” he called out while peeking through the well opening.

“Dad? I’m sorry! I know I should not make you angry! I am really sorry. I couldn’t get out of the well. There is no ladder here. Could you please get me out of here?” Kagome cried. Knowing that her father will most likely leave her as a way to punish her, she cried harder.

Upon hearing a girl cried out for help, the lord of the west presumes that one of the village children had fallen into the well. He jumped in and scooped Kagome out in a flash.

Kagome was stunned. One second, she was in the well, the next second, she was out. She expected to see the old wooden walls surrounding the well, but what she saw was a clearing full of green grasses.

The air around her smell so fresh, she could smells the grasses and flowers throughout the clearing. However, that is not the only reason that had shocked her. The man holding her had silver white long hair tied up in a high pony tail, blue-ish jagged markings on his face and a moon shape on his forehead.

She was so mesmerized by his beauty that she stared at him with wide eyes. Until, she snapped out of her mind.

“No! Let go of me! Who are you?” Jumping out of his hand, she ran towards the well and hide behind it.

Surprised by the little child outburst, he walked towards her.

“Hello little one, I’m Inu No Taisho, the lord of the west. Do not be afraid. I will not harm you.”

Holding his right hand out, he intended to learn where she came from, and return her to her village. But little did he expect, a white light appeared, pushing him away. He fell to the ground, feeling sizzling pain from his right hand.

Looking at his hand, he noticed that it was partly burnt. Being a daiyoukai, his hand healed within seconds.

“Jiji.. *sobs* help me.. where are you?” he looked up and saw the girl curled up in ball beside the well.

“Who is she? Isn’t that spiritual power? Is she a Miko? No matter, I can’t leave her here.” He thought.

“Little one, let me help you. I will bring you to the nearest village to find your parents.” Inu No Taisho tapped her on her shoulder, but he received a yelp from her and felt the burning sensation again. This time, he used his youki to suppress hers.

He could feel that her power is still very raw, showing that she is unskilled in using her spiritual power. The more she fought against him, the more he used his youki, to the point where Kagome could no longer handle it and passed out. Before she fell on the ground, Inu No Taisho caught her and cradled her in his arm.

“Her power is very raw and enormous. I did not hear of any child born with such power. And, her clothing, it looks very odd. Maybe I should pay Kaede a visit.”



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