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Created On: 06/18/2017 10:33:38

Thanks again for reviewing Legal Jargon. Lol Good to know we all have a closet freak in us. *wink, wink*. I have a few new lemon scenes for this story swimming around in my head. The next chapter at the very least will include one... maybe, unless my fingers hijack my laptop and force a different chapter to spring forth like it did with chapter 21 (On The Cusp).

Be sure to tell all your wonderful men folk happy father's day!


Created On: 06/16/2017 20:03:57
Edited By Kagaku-sha On: 06/16/2017 20:18:53

Thanks for reviewing Legal Jargon!!! I'm starting to miss their hot and steamy romance too. Partially why I went on and vented through Killing the Cell Phone b/c Legal Jargon has needs to develop and progress more as far as the plot of the story goes.

The next few chapters will be lighter in the sense that they're meeting each other's fathers and junk. I can squeeze some fluff and some smut in there somewhere.I definitely recognize the need for them to explore the way they feel for one another. It's clear they're in a serious relationship, but the L bomb hasn't been dropped... I think I'll approach it from the angle of Sesshoumaru feeling like, "I'm here ain't I?" And Kagome needing him to be vocal not just present.

Eh... IDK...But I do want to get the firm up and running before I delve into the deep end because after they're mated and happily ever after there isn't much place else to go unless I create another villain after I settle the Tajis' death. I don't want to go too long without addressing some vital points of the story with regard to Sango though so I need to visit her, and I also need to get things settled with the events that led to the night of her parent's death. That can likely all be one chapter

I'm really glad that you're liking the story more and more as it progresses!


Created On: 05/25/2017 08:28:29
Edited By Kjinuyasha On: 05/26/2017 14:04:51

Thanks for your comments on A Night of Lust! You said you were able to guess the author's age... could you guess I was a 10th/11th grader?

update.... lol yes. i didn't start doing those things til i was 20
Feedback from Anna Grey: yeah, I guessed you was a teenager, and a virgin??

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