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Created On: 08/08/2016 09:38:53


Thank you so much for Reviewing Frozen. It always a pleasure to hear that people are enjoying the story.

And don't worry the bunny if fine, maybe I didn't explain it correctly, but everything came back to life when she felt Sesshomarus warmth lol. Hint Hint


Created On: 10/03/2014 12:51:06

It's a Dog's World is a collection of one shots not necessarily related. Some are, like the chibi one shots and the Favorite Author one shots, and others are just stand alone one shots.


Kimberly Morris

Created On: 01/07/2014 22:32:15

Oh, no worries about that. I am glad you are enjoying the story.

Kimberly Morris

Created On: 01/03/2014 21:36:48

Thanks for your comment/review, which is:
It's impossible for Sesshomaru and Inuhime to be identical twins. Identical twins come from the same egg, and thus, are both of the same gender. Fraternal twins come from seperate eggs, and can be any combination of genders. Fraternal twins can look alike, but that doesn't make them identical.

I just want to say that I know the differences between identical and fraternal. I am not saying that you were wrong or I am right, because, honestly, I don't know if a girl and a boy could develop into the same egg be identical or vice versa. Now, I could see them being fraternal twins. It does make more sense, huh? haha! Perhaps I should change that. hmm. Yeah, I think I should.
Anyways, thanks....
Feedback from Elizabeth: You're welcome. And I just saw what my review lacked.

I am loving your story, and I hope you don't take the brusque comment/review as anything other than trying to improve a story I am greatly enjoying!

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 06/21/2013 16:54:53

I have to agree with you on that, Rin is such a sweet girl, I just cannot imagine her telling Sesshomaru to kill Inuyasha!
Feedback from Elizabeth: It could be that she will defer to someone else, but I don't see her wishing death on the father of her daughter. At some point in the future, she will have to tell said daughter why her father died.

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