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Well let's see.

It's 2008. Time for a new update on mah profile.

I'm Ellie---NO it's not my real name.

I have a secret--but shh...don't tell anyone.

I'm 15-16 in March.

I write Fanfics a lot, most hardly ever get finished. I get bored in the middle and start on a new one. Nice ain't I? Most of my fanfics are publised on It's awesome. Some of my fanfics are based on characters in my school. So it's complicated.

I do occasionally forget abput A Single Spark. But I guess that's okay because I forgot about too at one point. When I came back 6 months later wiuth a new writing style, I found my fans had deserted me, so not gonna do that again!

I AM a sophmore in high school. So the internet is NOT my top priority...Haha that's a lie! I think I manage just fine in school with a C average.

Small facts about me:

- I love anime. Specifically Death Note and Inuyasha.

- I'm still a HUGE Pokemon fan

- I listen to heavy metal. You don't like it. I really don't care.

- I'm not a butt kisser, metaphorically or literally.

- I have some very stong opinions. Don't like them: GET THE HELL OVER IT!

- Yes, I am nice, at times.

- I don't mind flamers. I laugh at them.

- My favorite color? It's hot pink. Not something anyone who knew me personally would expect.

- Drugs? Nuh-uh. Nope. I don't like them.

- Single? Nope. I'm taken, completely.

- Don't like my stories. Don't read them. Simple as that.

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