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i Don't Love You....

Just Perfect?

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Chapter One: I Don't Love You...

Kagome sighed. She was on her way to the hot spings, near the villiage where the inutachi were saying. So far that day had not been her day, but maybe things would change, just maybe...


She wasn't watching where she was going. Sure enough, she tripped. Over a fucking log. "Aw, Shit!" she said somewhat loudly. standing up she began to brush herself off.

She looked up to see Kikyou and Inuyasha locked together in a passionatte embrace. The next thing she knew, she was standing right beside the two lip-locked traitors.

"So Inuyasha, What's been up with you? No I know-you're too busy with Kikyou to care about the jewel shard or the fact that she gave MY shard to Naraku," Kagome said to Inuyasha. he just stared at her. He hadn't heard a "sit" yet which suprised him.

"Kagome..." He said distantly to himself.

"Inuyasha, if you wanted to choose Kikyou why keep it a secret? My heart isn't broken," Kagome said.

"You mean you're NOT in love with Inuyasha?" Kikyou asked.

"No, I am not. I haven't been for a while. I think I love someone else," Kagome said to the claypot miko.

"Who?' Inuyasha asked.

"That is for me to know, and you to NEVER find out!"Kagome answered. With that she turned on her heal and walked off, leaving Iuyasha and Kikyou looking stunned.


Sesshoumaru stood behind a bush. He had watched the entire scene between The dead miko, Kagome, and his vile half-brother, completely on accident. I thought the miko was still in love with my half-brother, He thought.

Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un were waiting at a camp, not too far away. Sesshoumaru had sensed the miko's presence. He followed her scent of cherry blossums and honey. Her scent though unusual was not a complete turn-off. In reality, she smelled quite nice,but he wouldn't dare admit it, not even to himself.

He watched as Kagome told Kikyou and Inuyasha that she was no longer in love with Inuyasha. 'Who is she in love with if not my half-demon brother?' He thought.

'Why am I asking this?'

/It's quite obvious/

'What's quite obvious?'

/You love her. Well, you're attracted to her. She is quite stunning!/


Sesshoumaru was brought out off his conversation with himself (AN His beast and himself) by a soft "oof." He looked down on the ground to see the young but very powerful miko to have fallen on the ground. He held out his hand to help her up. She gladly took it.

"I saw what happened," He said to her.

"What? Just now?" Kagome asked. She then chided herself for sounding so ignorant.

"The whole episode between that dead miko and Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru explained.

"Oh...that..." She said. Her fsce was growing hot. They were silent for a few moments. Suddenly...


It was the voice of the little kitsune, Shippou. Sesshoumaru turned and began to walk away. Before he left he said to Kagome, "Rin would like to see you," and with that he was gone.

Kagome listened as her adoted Kitsune Shippou got closer.

"Shippou, we're going on our own for a while," Kagome said to the little fox demon, who nodded, he didn't argue with his Okaa-san. "But first we're going to see Miroku and Sango." Kagome added. Shippou jumped onto her shoulders, and Kagome began walking into the villiage.

She got to the inn where the inutachi were staying and went inside the room were Miroku and Sango sat in deep thought.

"Kagome what are you doing?" Sango asked, eyeing Kagome as she began gathering her things, hastily Kagome shoved everything into her yellow backpack, ahe then pulled out a kimono.

"Sango, Shippou and I are leaving the group for a while,

I've got business to attend to," She said, turning to Miroku she added, "Miroku out, I need to change!"

Miroku gave her a fake pout and walked out. Shippou knowing that his mother needed to change, followed. Kagome began to take her school uniform off, and began putting on the kimono. Sango helped her with the task. The kimono itself was beautiful. It was black with silver lining and had a golden rose pattern on it, near the bottom hem. The obi a dark blue. It was simple yet beautiful.

"so who are you going to see, dressed like this?" Sango asked, suspicsiously.

"Just someone," Kagome replied.

"Oh, so it is a guy!" Sango said excitedly.

""Hai," Kagome replied.

"What about Inuyasha?"

"Oh, him he's with the Claypot," Kagome said casually, she really didn't care.

"Great, while you're gone we have to deal with her," Sango said.

"She not all that bad. Oh, what am I saying? Just hang in there!" Kagome said trying to reassure Sango, but it wan't working too well.

"You'll be back soon?" sango asked.

"Of course!" Kagome said,"Now I must go. Tell Inuyasha I went back home and that I sealed the well so he couldn't follow me," Kagome told Sango. Kagome knew Sango didn't really like to lie, but she didn't want Inuyasha to find her with his half-brother, of all people. She gave her "sister" a hug and walked out of the room, where Shippou was awaiting her. She gave Miroku a hug,

"HENTAI!" She yelled as she felt a hand on her butt. When Kagome turned to leave, Miroku had a red handprint on both cheeks, due to Sango and Kagome's hands slapping him. Kagome left.


Sesshoumaru caught her scent. He also caught the sent of the kitsune child she kept with her.

A few moments later, she came into view. She had on a beautiful kimono. She was quite stunning. He had to admit it was a pleasant change to the sluttish looking skirt and shirt ensemble she normally wore.

"Lady Kagome!" Came the voice of the hyperactive seven ear old girl, Rin.

"Rin, how have you been? Is Sesshoumaru treating you all right?" Kagome asked the little girl.

"Yup, Lord Sesshoumaru has a huge castle and lots of servants. Who's that?" She asked pointing at Shippou.

"Rin, this is Shippou. He's my adopted son," Kagomje explained to her and Sesshoumaru.

"Okiaa-san are we gonna stay with them?" Shippou asked.

"Please Lord Sesshoumaru," begged Rin.

"Hn..." Sesshoumaru said, and with that he began walking away. Rin pulled Kagome along. Shippou hurried along trying to catch up. They reached a campsite where Jaken asnd Ah-Un were waiting for their Master's and Rin's return.

"Lord Sesshoumaru? What is she doing here?" Jaken asked, pointing at Kagome.

"Jaken, Silence!' Sesshoumaru said. Jaken immediatly shut up.


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