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Created On: 07/26/2009 10:06:07

Thanks for the review Yamiyo!

D.S Anno

Created On: 07/26/2009 04:50:48

Thank you for commenting on my Line Art Sess!


Created On: 07/16/2009 08:25:54

Thank you for your review on Chain.

You say "I, Sesshoumaru" is a fan-thing, but I'm pretty sure I saw that in the fan-subbed version of IY movie three I downloaded not too long ago. Also, "this Sesshoumaru" though it is a literal translation of what Sesshoumaru says in Japanese, as a translation student I want to point out that in my opinion, "I, Sesshoumaru" would be a better translation in a way, since it'd fit the target language, English, more smoothly. "This Sesshoumaru" would sound a bit weird to a native English speaker if they didn't know the Japanese phrase the saying originates from, right?

Sorry, I got a bit carried away. ^^; Which translation is right and which is not, these are things always open for debate. Though I use "this Sesshoumaru" myself, I don't think it's anymore right than the other. ^^


Created On: 05/31/2009 22:56:43

Hello ((:

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