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TruGemini is the name. My friends tell me that the way I act let's people know I'm a Gemini from the first meeting. I love writing and reading, and am a huge fan of Sess/Kag. The creativity of the people on this site always atounds me. I'm so glad to be a member here. I bow my head in reverence to Elegant Paws, Sunset Miko, and r0o.

Words are keys to the heart that protects the soul...Tru


I have to thank the wonderful, truly awesome, Kanna37 for her dedication...You truly made my birthday great! **Hugs**

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Welcome to the world where duality rules. The realm of TruGemini

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Kagome is back in the US after vising home and reflecting on the love she has for a certain demon. *Currently editing - new chapter up soon*
Rating: M  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 26 May 2008  -  Updated: 27 Mar 2011
Genre: Drama, Romance  -  Chapters: 13  -  Reviews: 43  -  Words: 26,261  -  Reads: 16,846

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Created On: 05/31/2011 20:09:09

HEY! Glad to see you signed in, girl!

As for the way Sesshoumaru sees Inuyasha at this point - well, as much as he's changing, and seeing the little guy curled up with Kagome, don't you think that would bring his mind to that being their child, instead of his brother? I just couldn't help writing that when I saw that scene in my mind. Some ppl will probably complain, but I like portraying Sesshoumaru as he changes and grows through life and experience.

Glad you liked it!



Created On: 05/27/2011 18:18:48

Thanks for reviewing Lemon Wedges and glad you liked it .


Created On: 05/27/2011 17:51:12

Thank you for reviewing We are Mates and glad you enjoyed reading the series as much as I enjoyed writing it. I look forward to your thoughtful reviews of my next story .


Created On: 05/08/2011 09:24:48

You are so awesome. I knew if no one else got it you would. I am working on the continuation now. Hopefully it won't dissapoint.
Feedback from TruGemini: Thanks hun! Can't wait for the update. I sooo love your story.


Created On: 05/01/2011 19:43:56

!? Emergency Surgery?! For what?



Created On: 04/22/2011 21:02:37
Edited By Kanna37 On: 04/22/2011 21:03:38

Okay, wait for it... here it comes... YOU LOGGED IN! YAYYY! ~giggles~ And don't worry - Inu is going to get what he THINKS he wants, only to find that he didn't really want it at all, but it's too late... eternity is biting him in the ass for his screw-ups, and hell's roasting it. (Eww.. roasted hanyou rear)



Created On: 04/19/2011 14:25:26

Thank you so much for your review on Life is Like a Box of Lemons! I'm so glad you like it and don't worry, I'm working on the next one now so it will be posted in no time!


Created On: 04/14/2011 00:16:49

Thank you so much for your review on my story! I will try very hard to keep it up to everyone's expectations!


Created On: 04/10/2011 11:46:29

Oh, yes, a very dead dragon. Sesshoumaru managed to get several hunts in that day, lol, which comment you'll understand as soon as you read today's newest chapter, Confrontations. More Sessmom - we finally get to see her reasons for what she's been doing. Hope they surprise you!

Feedback from TruGemini: They did..they did!!! Can't wait to see who is coming along the way next.


Created On: 04/08/2011 20:51:21

That's a LOT of chocolate! But I understand - a jealous Sesshoumaru is so DAMN hot. ~drool~ Let me think on things... I can't guarantee that there's gonna be lots of guys running after her, but... I might slip one or two encounters in to kind of push things right along.

Feedback from TruGemini: You know I'll give it too!

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