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Love in E Flat by TruGemini

Love in E Flat

Disclaimer: All characters represented belong to Rumiko Takahashi. I own nothing. The song Lyzel in E Flat is owned by the talented artist Jill Scott.

A/N Performing now introducing....

Love in E Flat

You love me especially different every time

You keep me on my feet happily excited

By your cologne, your hands, your smile, your intelligence

You woo me, you court me, you tease me, you please me

You school me, give me things to think about

Invite me, you ignite me, co-write me, you love me, you like me

Incite me to chorus

La, la, la...

Da, da, da...

Do, do, do...

 Kagome sat in the window of the second floor master bedroom looking up into the stars as Jill sang her feelings in the background. "Is it really possible to be so in love with someone that it can be expressed in such a way?" She asked herself. Sesshomaru was literally her moon and stars. Every night she dreamt of him as her darkness that embraces her and lulls her into a deep sleep. "When he's with me, I'm at peace, yet now all I can do is fight this internal war," Kagome pondered. Today was another hard day for Kagome as this was the second month since she left Sesshomaru behind. "Today he should be at his mating ceremony, I hope it works out for him," Kagome said as tears drifted down her eyes. The other person in the room remained silent as she spoke. She knew all about what happened on that fateful day two months ago which lead to her best friend's unhappiness...


 Kagome was so glad to be back home for some needed rest and relaxation. Since she had been given the task of running the Taisho offices in the US, she was greatly looking forward to visiting her family back in Japan. Especially when her boss, Inuyasha Taisho, who also was her best friend demanded that she take one or consider herself fired. Kagome was thankful for the reprieve as she could finally get to spend some more time with her favorite demon Sesshomaru. He was to be in Japan at the corporate offices working on a project, and she had not seen him for three weeks. Sure they spoke on the phone every other night, but there is nothing like falling asleep with your male curled around you. That is what true bliss is. Kagome smirked as she thought about all of the things her and her demon would do once they saw each other. They have been going strong for four years now and she felt this could definitely last forever. No one knew Sess the way she did, and no one knew her better than him. To Kagome this was truly destiny, or maybe the Gods finally decided to work in her favor. She wasn't sure, but she was definitely not about to question fate. With an even brighter smile, she left the airport terminal and proceeded to Inuyasha and Kikyo's home they allowed her to use while in Japan.

After arriving safely to her destination, she unlocked the doors and walked in. Everything was there for her use as usual and the refrigerator and pantry were stocked full of food. Since this was Inuyasha's home, she found his "hidden" stash of ramen and decided to make herself some lunch. She made a note to herself to replenish his stock before she left. She called her family and Sango first to let them know she arrived and would be visiting them later. Sango, who was unwilling to wait, told her she'd be there in 30 and that there had better be lunch ready when she got there. Kagome laughed and hung up the phone. "Finally, I'm home...I'm home."

 Kagome took her time getting ready. She knew she didn't have to rush since Sango never showed on time. Kagome stood in the steaming shower touching her sacred place and thought back to the night before Sess left for Tokyo...

Sesshomaru stood in the doorway to Kagome's bedroom preventing her from leaving out. "What do you want Sess, I thought you said you were going to sleep?" inquired Kagome. "Sleep is not what is needed at this time. The taste of a certain someone's ambrosia is," responded Sesshomaru with a devious smirk. Before Kagome could blink she was hoisted up and thrown back onto her bed. Sesshomaru crawled his way up Kagome's body until they were face to face. Kagome's body temperature rose as he slid up her body. She knew what he wanted, but tonight, he was going to have to work for it. "Now Sess, you didn't think it was going to be that easy did you?" Kagome teased while staring into his reddened eyes.

Sesshomaru quirked his brow at her comment and proceeded to draw his tongue across her lower lip. "Struggle if you must dear Kagome, but tonight you will give me what I desire." Kagome drew her tongue across her lips tasting the mint trail his tongue made. As Sesshomaru gasped at the seductive picture she made, she took the time to flip him over. "Now who's struggling?" posed Kagome to the shocked Daiyukai beneath her. Sesshomaru gave Kagome one of his trademark smirks and slid Kagome's body down to where his arousal was evident. "I see I'll have to show you why I'm the dominant one in this relationship again," drawled Sesshomaru as he thrusted his maleness upwards. Kagome moaned feeling his length beneath her causing her slickened spot to moisten further. Sesshomaru took this time to flip her back over, releasing her robe in the process. He sat upon his heels and stared at the body that beckoned to him to be taken. The scent of her arousal driving his eyes to turn a deeper red as his beast anticipated joining him in the taking of his chosen bitch. His master may not have been willing to accept it just yet, but the beast knew she was who was not only needed but desperately wanted.

Kagome moved to cover herself when Sesshomaru, in his bestial tone growled out a no, grabbing her arm. Kagome knew it was Sesshomaru's beast talking and she was not afraid. She loved his beast just as much if not more than his logical side. As she looked into his eyes, she knew he would miss her as much as she would miss him. With that thought she bared her neck in submission allowing him to take control. Upon seeing her bare her neck, Sesshomaru bent forwards and sucked on his favorite spot before sliding his tongue downwards. He slowly caressed her left breast as he laved his delicious tongue over the right. Once he felt he paid enough attention, and not wanting the other to feel left out, he suckled upon the left one until her darkened nipple pebbled to a hardened form. Satisfied with his work, he slowly dragged his tongue downwards dipping into her navel getting closer to her calling. He paced himself, restraining himself from attacking his favorite spot without abandon. He wanted her to want it. He needed her to want it. Finally arriving to her sweet spot, he looked up at Kagome while blowing soft breaths across her curls. "Tell me you want this Kagome," intoned Sesshomaru. "Tell me you need this, or shall I move away." Kagome's eyes were filled with lust as she looked at Sesshomaru and responded. "I...I need you Sess, I want you to touch me the only way you know how. Take of me what you will." Hearing her words, Sesshomaru slid his salacious tongue between her giving lips and drank his ambrosia to his fill.

Kagome writhed and moaned screaming his name to the heavens before his tongue was removed and replaced with his rigid steel. Sesshomaru moaned at the feel of her heated sheath. He never knew anything could feel this way. "So mine," he murmured as he slowly slid in and out. Kagome allowed herself to just feel, becoming enraptured with his heat and his presence. Tonight would be a night to take things slow and savor as he would be gone come the morrow for who knows how long as this project came to fruition. Sesshomaru and Kagome both came repeatedly screaming each others names to the heavens as they found completion in the others arms. As they drifted into slumber, Kagome kissed his brow whispering her love for him.

 Kagome was brought back to the present with the force of her orgasm and the reminding of herself that Sango would be there soon. Kagome cleaned herself and got dressed, running downstairs to make sure lunch was prepared before her spirit sister arrived. "I'll surprise him tomorrow," thought Kagome with a brightened smile. Just as she placed the ramen she took from Inuysha's store into two bowls, the doorbell rang.

Kagome barely had the opportunity to open the door when she was floored by the weight of her spirit sister Sango. Laughing the entire time they were on the floor, Sango got up and helped Kagome to her feet. "Now that the pleasantries are done, I'm hungry....what's for lunch?" Sango asked. "Why is it whenever I see you I get the feeling that I'm supposed to have food ready? That is just wrong for so many reasons! Doesn't Miro cook for you?" Kagome exclaimed. Sango looked at Kagome with a smirk on her face already knowing that something was cooked. She grabbed Kagome by the hand and dragged her off to the kitchen basking in the joy of having her sister near her once again.

The afternoon dragged on between the two friends laughing and catching up on their lives since the last time they saw each other. Even though, they talk on the phone everyday, it's nothing like having your heart sister across from you sharing in your joy.

End Flashback


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