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Nickname: Blue


What can i say about little oh me...hmm?

Though I tend to write poetry, music and short stories, writing though has become more of a occasional hobby now a days. As to whether I shall post any of my fan written works, i shall say that as  of yet the 'want' so to speak-to do so, is still left to be determined; as I purely do write for my self enjoyment. But who knows what the future holds.

I like to push myself when I write so well see how thing's go. Who knows I may end up possibly writing myself into a corner.... or a stupor... well whatever comes first! LOL :)

Few Things About Me

Age: 24

I'm Determined, Fearless, Passionate some say a Dreamer, Sarcastic, love to cuddle, Blunt, have a "bit" of a cruel sense of humor, favorite season Autumn, element wind and fire.

These are just the few of many and they go so well together too.


Been a Fan of the InuYasha series since I watched it aired on t.v. And have been a Fan of Sesshomaru and Kagome Pairing Fanfiction ever since I first discovered which was in  2006.

I myself as am an avid reader of Fanfiction (not just the Inuyasha Fandom).














Just a bit of what to expect from me the writer:

I'm very selective as to what I might post up,updates will be moderate if that. Sometimes I do, Sometimes I Don't! :)  unless it's something I've devoted myself to complete.

The things I write or will be writing, tend to revolve around being portrayed as realistic as possible. I will be doing research on what I put into my stories, as well as making historical references and those necessary to make my story more efficient and interesting.  This depending on the type of stories as well.

I appreciate Positive and Helpful feedback on what you the readers think, however please do keep in mind If you don't like what you read, any negative comments that are in anyway threatening to my talents as a writer will not be taken seriously and will be deleted. If you don't like what you read then don't read. It's that simple! :)



Disclaimer: I hereby disclaim and do forever disclaim any possibility of owning Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha.

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Tittle: Let's Not and Say We Did

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Created On: 09/26/2013 06:02:29

Hello Blue! Thank you for your lovely review for State of Grace! I like the assumption you made however I can only tell you that one of those are true and it will happen in the chapter after next ! again thank you for your awesome review!


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