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I joined to mostly lurk and observe all the lovely fanfiction and fanart. Hopefully some day I can write and upload my own fanart/fictions. Unfortunately, due to a busy college schedule, when I'll begin to publish things is unknown.

My deviantART page.

I guess I can tell you some things about myself. This is about me, after all...

I currently reside in Pennsylvania, I'm a full time college student, and I've been an InuYasha fangirl for many many years. InuYasha was the first anime I watched and fell in love with it. I also wrote my very first story and created my first original character based off the series. My writing skills and characters have improved since then, but I will always have the same passion towards the series that I've had from the beginning, if not more.

I can ship just about anything given enough reason behind it. Especially if it has Sesshomaru in it. Omnomnomom. Dokuga was a big factor in coming to like Sesshomaru and Kagome as a pairing. And up until recently, I was a bit nervous about submitting anything. Due to an overwhelming number of views (maybe not that big when compared to others, but big enough for me), I've been inspired to submit more. So thank you, all you friendly faces of Dokuga.

As I mentioned earlier, my first original character belongs to the InuYasha storyline, so she will always remain my favorite. If you're interested in her story, I am currently rewriting the entire tale and will supply an link when I can.

Enjoy my page!

Have any kind of question or request? You're always free to ask, though I cannot promise I will be able to do it.

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