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I study technological chemistry in a university. I'm a Finnish 21 years old good-for-nothing and spend my time "reading" (manga mostly), drawing and playing piano, and also use my supposed to be studying time for these things.

Everything that you can in any way call relevant ends here. But my babbling goes on ->

I like cats yay :3 I don't exactly shine in the skills of writing to put it mildly but sometimes I still try to write fanfiction and original stories with varying success. Last year I started a SesshoumaruxKagome piece but along with my other sweeties it got sucked in to the space of bits. I've got two other computers and even in this one two hard drives but noooooo I just couldn't have gone and copied it no... tooo damn difficult D:< I play Zelda and Pokemon games occassionally, especially in busses (so that all the normal people can gawk at an adult using ds.. kidding). And above all, I love reading fanfiction ^^ <3


//ed. I'm soh great I thought I was already 22.. Bd is in october. How did I ever pass those tests to my school? XDDDD

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I find your lips veeery fascinating.
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Created On: 01/05/2012 06:30:36

Thank you for reviewing Tables Turned!

I know I should have had a beta while writing the story, but a lot happened in the 4 years during which I wrote it. You see, a classmate from high school used to proof read my stories for me, and aid me in evil plotting - though of course she was a Finn as well and thus not a native English speaker. Unfortunately though while this story was still in the works I graduated, got in to uni and moved out and in that process became somewhat estranged from that proofreader of mine. Finding a good and trustful beta is not an easy process, though, and I only found mine little less than a year ago - by which time I had already finished writing Tables Turned.

And I prefer British spelling, simply for the reason that it's how I was thought English at school.

Still, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story! ^_^ And I assure you, however jealous you are of my writing skills, I'm equally jealous about your drawing skills. You have an amazing style. It'd awesome to have fanart for Tables Turned but muses are fickle things and follow their own paths.

Also, it's great to see other Finnish SessKag fans! Hooray! ^_^

Love, Chie

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