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M-Angel 05

Created On: 12/18/2015 23:51:17

The information on the sequel is on my profile. Thanks for reviewing The Twelve Days of Christmas!


Created On: 12/12/2015 15:31:33

Hii, thank you so much for the review! Hehe you'll have to see what happens


Created On: 11/07/2015 08:48:25

Thanks for reviewing on threads of destiny. Im really glad you like it its a bit addicting to write too. A very fun trail of thought. Hopefully i will be updating really soon.
Feedback from MythMagykFae: Yes I'd imagine it would be, its always fun to play around with your favorite characters! I can't wait to see what you come up with for them next!


Created On: 10/17/2015 23:29:21

Thanks for reviewing Sesshoumaru's Gift: The Courting. I'm glad you like cupid. ..he was so fun to write.
Feedback from MythMagykFae: Seems like he would be, I just finished the extension, really loved this idea!


Created On: 10/17/2015 00:17:07

Thank you so much for your wonderful review on Inevitability! I'm not sure how Kagome will handle not having her powers, but with Sesshomaru by her side, I'm sure they'll figure something out together
Feedback from MythMagykFae: Of course, its a great story and deserves great reviews (; I look forwrd to more, and as always the pm is much appreciated! (:


Created On: 10/15/2015 18:59:38

Thanks for your review on Inevitability; I plan to update soon and I hope you'll like it!
Feedback from MythMagykFae: Cool! Can't wait to read it (: I appreciate the pm


Created On: 08/14/2015 00:05:45

Thank you so much for the lovely review of Lonely Places in the Wild. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it!

Feedback from MythMagykFae: (: I really did


Created On: 02/26/2015 08:54:36
Edited By see03 On: 02/26/2015 08:54:44

Thanks for your review on Superior Sense of Smell!


Created On: 02/22/2015 03:09:04

Thanks for your review of While You Still Think You Know Everything. So glad you enjoyed it.
Feedback from MythMagykFae: It definantly made me lose some sleep haha, but well worth being a bit tired!


Created On: 02/21/2015 23:39:01

LoL... yes, Sesshoumaru being overprotective is fun to write - but I think this is canon for him. Look at him with Rin. Though he denied it to hell and back for a long time, he was willing to give up his revenge against Naraku to go save her when Kohaku had her... and then look what happened when the Master of Hell took her in the final season.

Anyway, glad you were entertained!


P.S thank you for all the reviews - hugs and kisses to you!
Feedback from MythMagykFae: Yeah I agree Sess is very protective when needed, he just won't cop go it lol I was in love with the scene where Sesshomarus Mom brings Rin back! Andthe reviews were well deserved (=

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