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UPDATE 27/01/2020

Holy hell its been ages! Life has been HECTIC! i cannot believe its been this long. Ive been battling illness on both my son and myself and its been major. Unfortunately it's left little time for me to even try to write. Or even read. I just wanted to pop in and say that I don't plan on leaving this. I really want to finish it. I hope to do more soon. Im also appearing to hace trouble logging on via conputer. Hopefully i cant get it sorted soon. Thanks all for ypur patience.



Well guys! I have been working on this and re-writing! I have managed to get a handle on my health since we I last updated, and I am doing heaps better at the moment! I am back into editing and I will be re-releasing ToD soon!! 


Hey guys. I'm not sure if you check here but in case you do I thought I would give yet another update. I do intend to pick back up on Threads of Destiny very soon. I am so sorry for my long absense. It has been a difficult time since I was in hospital. My health problems however have continued to deteriorate with Fibromyalgia however I have been slowly getting back on my feet. I am slowly getting on top of things and am about to have surgery that will hopefully help improve my condition. I have been reading FF again the last few days and doing some rewatching of Inuyasha yet again to get a handle on it all again. It had just been too long lol that I felt I lost my connection with my inspiration and the characters but I promise I'm getting back on it! SOON. I am contemplating doing a bit of re-writing or more just a bit of tweaking of ToD to get back into it. But I promise I will be back on track soon. Thanks so much for being patient. Especially with my early promises of keeping regular updates. That will be back on track soon and I have not lost the passion or ideas for ToD.

Love to you all. 

Update 30 June '16

Hey guys. I'm unsure if any of you check here for progress but I thought I might try and update yous on the story.

So I will be continuing "Threads of Destiny" it's just a little time may be required as I have been incredibly ill. I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and trying to get on top of it has proved pretty difficult. One of the side effects from Fibro is what they call Fibro Fog and I have that a lot which makes writing rather difficult. It is really hard on me as writing is my life but I promise I'm getting there and I intend to finish Threads of Destiny. I have a fair chunk written at the moment that would probably make a couple chapters but it needs to be ironed out. Thanks so much for you patients and I apologise with the time its taking me to update.

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I left a review but I also wanted to post something here since you are so kind as to thank me personally twice already. I totally love chapter 9 of Threads of Destiny, you clearly portrayed Kagome's pain and anger. And overall, it was a great milestone in the story which was brilliantly written.
Feedback from Channy: Aww, Thanks so much Sally. You leave really good reviews and I love them. I like to try to reply to each if I can. I'm glad you enjoyed Chapter 9. It was a defining moment in the story I feel and one I was so scared of messing up or then seeing an even better way of it being written. I appreciate all your reviews Thanks so much for your support of the story.

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