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I am a Sesshoumaru + Kagome pairing lover from way back. Need I say more. Occasionally I'll read a few other pairings that interest me but very rarely.

I love reading really good story lines from good writers with a sense of self, although, I can't write a story worth a damn. At least that is in my own opinion. Maybe one day I will attempt to write something just to see where it takes me---only if I have the gumption to do so. It will probably be a laugh on me.

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Created On: 01/10/2018 22:30:20

As always you leave wonderful insightful reviews. Thank you for not only reading my fics, but for also looking at the subtext. Always glad to have you as a reader!

M-Angel 05

Created On: 12/30/2017 13:36:01

Thank-you for the wonderful review on War of the Clans. Yes, things will begin to get devious. ^_^
I've been planning Seiji's freedom for awhile now. He's going to play a big part in the future chapters.


Created On: 12/04/2017 10:12:26

Thanks for the review.

I assume Sesshomaru was enraged because Kagome is, at the very least, his friend and ally and Sesshomaru has never had many of those.

Alas, there will be no more to the story, since this is all that decided to come out on the paper. You'll have to use your imagination to carry on from here
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: Awwww man
I was so hoping for a continuation....but we can't always have what we want. My imagination came up with all sorts of ideas. Oh well, it was an intriguing little one-shot.... but, if you ever change your mind and maybe make it a little longer one-shot, I and I'm sure a few more readers, would be oh so happy to read it. LOL ....just kidding...never means never.



Created On: 11/30/2017 17:07:40

I've never written an x-over before, so.. xD I'll let you know if/when we decide to upload it and/or continue it! (or at least I promise I'll try to remember. ^^; ) AO3 has an option for adding co-authors, which is why we'd most probably choose to put it there.
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: I would be ever so grateful...XD.


Created On: 11/30/2017 14:15:11

Thank you for dropping a review for Heroes of Yamato as well! Glad you enjoyed it!

You're right in that I probably won't continue it as it is...

... but MAYBE one day we'll find the time and inspiration to continue that crossover I was writing with my friend. And maybe even publish it somewhere (probably on AO3).
That story would be IY/Rurouni Kenshin/Bleach with SessKag/KenKao/IchiRuki, where the characters wake up inside the game and find themselves stuck there.
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: Thanks for your response.
That would be so cool about the possibility of continuing your x-over story even on AO3.
I have never read a x-over story before but this one piqued my interest. I will check the site every now and then.


Created On: 11/30/2017 13:55:20

Thanks for reviewing One Step Closer!

Glad you enjoyed this one shot! And you're right, courting would definitely follow. ;D

Hope you have a great weekend! ^_^
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: Thanks for the response. Well at least I know the courting would have begun.

You have a great weekend yourself....Cheers!!!

Lucy Morningstar

Created On: 11/26/2017 22:42:15

Hi Mutnodjmet!
Thanks for ur review on Of Hamburgers and Dog Demons! To answer your question, since this story is set in CU, and it was implied at the end of the Final Act that Kagome was married, I decide to go ahead with that notion. Hope you will follow up with the story, and glad to know u find it interesting enough! Looove ya


Created On: 09/26/2017 22:34:33

Thank you so much for your latest review on Compatibility; it made me really happy!! I'm loosely basing the story off personal experience so I'm really glad that you're enjoying it I hope you like the newest chapter and I look forward to your future reviews!



Created On: 09/24/2017 20:59:40

Thank you so much for your review on Compatibility! I'm glad you're interested and I hope you enjoy what's to come!

Feedback from Mutnodjmet: Your welcome and just reviewed chapters 2 & 3. They are very good. I'm in love with your story already.


Moonlight Silk

Created On: 06/08/2017 13:32:35

Thank you so much for that long and inspirational review for MBSL chapter 32 & 33. All the things you've mentioned will be included in the story as it progresses.

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