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Welcome to my little corner of Dokuga!

I'm not going to lie, I suck at writing these.. This is like the fourth time I've done this.

I'm just a 19 year old girl who was born and raised in Ohio! I've been playing around with fanfiction since 2004, but I just started writing in 2009. I'm a fan of most canon pairings, but I also love alternate pairings. :) Feel free to ask me about any pairing, because I like a lot of them. :D

***Well, things have certainly changed, now haven't they? After attending of about a year of college, I decided that I wasn't happy with my culinary arts program. It wasn't the program it's self... I just felt that I wasn't meant to be there. I've dropped the program, and am now looking for my true passion in the arts. Currently, I'm researching the possibility of becoming a special effects makeup artist.***

I'm also very short for my age... 5'0". Give or take some. I'm plain and simple, auburn hair and blue eyes.

Anyways, thanks for reading this really boring 'About Me' section. :)

If you have any questions about me, just write on my wall or PM me!

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meh. I feel like changing this ^.^

There really isn't anything to put here. :3


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The Fox Miko; Colored.
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r0o's Kami of Trickey: Shippo. Colored!
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r0o's Kami of the Wind: Kagura. Colored!
  • r0o's Kami of the Wind: Kagura. Colored!
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Ojou-sama & Shitsuji; Colored!
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r0o's Kami of Youth: Rin. Colored!
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r0o's Kami of War!
  • r0o's Kami of War!
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Humanoid Sessh -elevator-
half demon kagome
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Name Entry

Oogling your arts
Created On: 10/03/2011 07:49:18

Just wanted to pop by to compliment you on your wonderful colouring skills!
Feedback from Lilith: Thank you!! You don't even know how happy this comment makes me!
I don't think my coloring is as good as it could be, so i'm still practicing! I fall victim to r0o's lovely artwork so i just end up coloring them xDDD I hope they look okay!
Thank you, again, for the wonderful comment, and for looking at my attempts at art!


Created On: 09/25/2011 12:12:54

Of course you can paint it Lilith! I was 'thinking' about painting it...but the more I see it the sadder I get. Seems to complicated for me =_=

If you, however have the talent, Go ahead!

Thanks for the comment and interest in my 'Slay God' fanart =]

PD: There may be a follow-up, in case you are interested... oh, and Enjoy!
Feedback from Lilith: Wooo! I'm going to get started right now DD
And i think it looks great! The concept is really cool. I need to take a break from R0o's Kami series anyways xD A follow-up would rock my socks DDDDDDDD Thank you!


Created On: 07/03/2011 01:26:33

Thank you for the lovely review on the Adventures of Chibimaru!! I'm always happy to get to know another reader on a more personal level Chibimaru's hilarious, isn't he? I'm having so much fun writing them in kiddy form. There will definitely be more adventures to come!
Feedback from Lilith: I always loved the idea of child Sesshoumaru, (one reason is because of all the possibilities!) 'Chibimaru' has to be one of the cutest nicknames ever!! I can't wait until the next chapter!! I can just feel it's going to be filled with cute-ness! xD


Created On: 03/12/2010 04:23:27

Thanks for your review Riku ^^ Always an encouraging one as usual!


Created On: 03/02/2010 08:04:10

Aww Riku, thanks so much for your review on Kaleidoscope. And answering your questions, Yes Kags was from a rich and well known family. But circumstances had made her stranded in the middle of the dark underworld. What circumstances you ask? Well, that will be solved if you continue reading. ^^
Haha! Did you really stalk Cef? Poor girl.. she had a lot task to do. But I can't wait for her to finish the edit so it could be out soon!
Thanks again Riku!


Created On: 02/08/2010 05:44:40

So glad you got your laptop now! ^^ Well then, happy reviewing and I'm honored to receive one of your first reviews.


Created On: 02/02/2010 04:40:33

Hi Riku!
Where have you been?? I've missed your review!
Huhu I can't imagine myself I had made Sess into a papa! Hmm what will he do being a new papa... I wonder..


Created On: 01/25/2010 22:41:36

Thank you so much for commenting on Dark Tides! I hope to keep it interesting for you. Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon


Created On: 11/14/2009 20:08:55

Thank you for your review on "The Devil's Board" it makes me so happy to see that my readers enjoy the work I put into my stories.


Created On: 09/19/2009 11:47:23

Thank you for your review on Chain~! mes. ;3 If it were easy for Sesshoumaru and Kagome, it'd be boring, don't you think? *giggles evilly*

In any case, thank you so much for reading my story! ^_^

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