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I love to read fanfiction. I just love to read period. I also love to give reviews.

I'm not so sure how this works. I'm not much of a blogger.

I would love to write a fanfic. of my own, but I'm not so sure how to start. I don't have any artistic talent either ;__;

The only thing I can contribute to this wonderful site is to review wonderful and awesome stories.

I got used to reading fanfics, instead of books, since it's always difficult to tell when the story would end! XD

At least for me it does. o__o

(unless its one of those books that leaves you hanging. Then you have to wait a couple of years for the author to write and publish the book and for it to be released.)

I just hate when you get an awesome novel and you keep reading it, then you get to the end.... and you are like "Yes! I love this book! Oh, no! It's the last page!! *cries* Why does the book have to end?!"

Then you have to return it and find another, only to have to go through the same process.

Not that I don't like to read Novels and other books! I just like Dokuga fanfiction better. ^__^

Dokuga is an awesome Community and I would really like to be more active in it.




When you smile, it makes another person's day brighter. ^__0


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Created On: 11/30/2012 10:04:33

Thank you so much for your review!

It's been three months, so I suppose it was a long wait, but since this was the last actual chapter I wanted to take my time with it, so that I could bring the story the kind of a conclusion it deserves. Of course I also was juggling between writing this story, three other fanfic projects and my Master's thesis. ^^;

Anyway, enough with excuses. Your review and your wonderful praise made me really happy, so thank you!


Created On: 08/26/2012 03:35:04

Boy, I know it's been a while since I've updated, hasn't it? It's good to hear from you though, Alexandra! Haha, sorry for the wait!

I'm so glad you're still liking Between Heaven and Hell, despite the long waits... RL is killing me. I always love hearing from you! Until next time~


Created On: 08/24/2012 10:27:52
Edited By Chie On: 08/24/2012 10:28:12

Thank you for your encouraging review!

I am sorry that I kept you waiting so long for an update. But writing all the reunions and the many emotions you complimented took its toll and made this chapter very difficult for me to write. I wanted to make it right and to include all the different characters and their emotions so I decided to take my time with the writing.
I do hope that I will be quicker with the next time. Although I do not like to rush myself or force myself to write, I also hate to keep my readers waiting.

I am happy to hear that the chapter was a good read for you, and that you are still enjoying the story!

The Bard

Created On: 08/09/2012 01:15:48

Got a good laugh from your review. Thank you!


bikini bottom
Created On: 06/04/2012 14:25:21

Thanks so much for your reviews on my story Taken! ^.^
Feedback from Alexandra: I think it's really interesting! Please don't be discouraged by the lack of reviews. Give it a little more updates. I'm sure the readers will stop being lazy and review. Do you have the plot planned out?

Aimee Blue

Created On: 06/03/2012 19:54:59

Thanks for reviewing Maid with Care, I'm glad you're enjoying it. You said 'you can tell it's from Kaichou wa Maid-sama' but I have to say that I've only read up to the chapter where they enter the butler competition and Misaki cross-dresses and I think Usui breaks his arm or something, so if it resembles it in any way other than being set in a cosplay-cafe then I guess great minds think alike.
If you like Cosplay-cafe style stories then a few of my favourite manga's playing on this theme are Tsukushite Agemasu and Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake.
I hope you keep reading ^_^
Feedback from Alexandra: I keep up with the manga. The newest chapters of the story involves misaki's dad. You really should read it!!! It's soooo good!! I really like the characters more than the cosplay-cafe.


Created On: 04/27/2012 01:00:53

Thanks for reviewing! I'm trying to decide whether to continue it, if I can think of a direction where to take it I will ^^


Created On: 04/17/2012 02:01:18

Thank you, for another cheering review to Chain! ^_^

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! I'm happy to know you liked the ending scene! After so much angst and what not I wanted to bring some romance back to the story. Also I'm glad to hear you find the ryokan suitable for them!

There are more reunions still to come - more or less happy ones. ;o

Duchess Of Darkness

Down in the valley where nobody knows....
Created On: 03/06/2012 05:26:34

Yeah....I love the details, cant have enough details...-nods-
thank you for the reveiw and I hope to keep you interested in the future.

-tackle glomps smoosh nuzzle cuddle huggle-
You have been loved to death by the infamous D.O.D


Created On: 03/05/2012 18:11:48

Thank you for your lovely, positive review on Chain!

I'm happy to know that you liked and enjoyed the chapter. It was a very important addition to the story, so to have such great feedback on it was awesome, thank you!

There will be more about the inn and its location in the next chapter without a doubt. :3 I personally really like the idea (obviously, lol), it suits them well, especially in the context of this story.

- Chie

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