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Hello, my name is King Shiro!



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03/31/2018 03:33:37Anything like thisRecommendations869
03/04/2018 06:37:32looking for some good ficsRecommendations273
02/27/2018 22:39:27finding a fanficSearching for a Fic...550
02/24/2018 20:34:25looking for ficSearching for a Fic...264
02/01/2018 00:16:59Finding a ficGeneral Discussion390
01/31/2018 08:54:08Help finding ficGeneral Discussion549
10/13/2017 23:32:03finding fanfictionSearching for a Fic...879
10/08/2017 22:51:57Re:looking foe fanficSearching for a Fic...850
10/08/2017 07:43:12looking foe fanficSearching for a Fic...850
08/26/2017 22:41:05Re:Any fanfic like this?Searching for a Fic...492
08/26/2017 03:25:39Any fanfic like this?Searching for a Fic...492
04/10/2017 02:57:02Re:kagome princessSearching for a Fic...988
04/10/2017 02:39:26Re:kagome princessSearching for a Fic...988
04/08/2017 16:40:48kagome princessSearching for a Fic...988
02/28/2017 22:24:50Boss/EmployeeRecommendations946
01/19/2017 08:29:31Re:finding fanficSearching for a Fic...547
01/18/2017 08:47:34finding fanficSearching for a Fic...547
08/28/2015 03:11:10fic where they're in high school?Searching for a Fic...516
08/28/2015 01:12:27What should I readRecommendations738
08/28/2015 01:10:26Re:Can u help me find this fic?Searching for a Fic...698

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