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Well, there really isn't much to say about myself.

Online, I go by SweetKit or Kit. I just recently got back into writing after I got married and my husband found some of my writings that I did back in high school. Since I like to write lemons sometimes, lets just say that was an interesting conversation.

I was introduced to Inuyasha back in High School and I thought I was crazy when I thought Sesshomaru and Kagome would be great together instead of her and Inuyasha. I was relieved that I wasn't the only one who thought this way. :3

Any who, I love to write, but I know I am not the greatest writer in the world. Typically I won't post a story unless I already have it finished or near complete, though I will say I am not perfect. I do have several stories that I am editing currently because I wrote them back a few years ago and I didn't edit them. As soon as I basically re-write them, I'll post them slowly.

I personally am a huge fan of demon Kagome pairings and love unique ways that she is or becomes a demon. In fact, I think I have only written two stories where Kagome isn't a demon, and both times, it was a pure human world.

I'm a pretty open person, so I am open to friends and questions.


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This is where I'm going to put my answers and responses to reviews for A Breeder's Program. So, if you want something answered, ask in reviews and I'll do my best to respond here. Now if the question will be answered in later chapters, I won't say anything about it.

I'm going to start from chapter 4 and go from there.

sugar0o: I understand your concern about the threesome thing and I have to be honest, that was the way I originally wrote it. But after your review, I looked back at the story and edited it so the main focus is Sesshomaru/Kagome (Which I like better anyway). It just means it will take longer for me to get my chapters out there.

BlueRibbon98: This makes me SOOOO excited that you reviewed and approved my writing this. I think the idea was awesome and when I saw that it wasn't completed, my mind went into overdrive to think of what could happen.

wiiTneSs: Well, in this new future that Kagome is in, having a child is more rare. Only those approved can produce and those who are not are fixed at that Breeder Testing... I guess I really didn't go into it very well, but I do go a little more into it later.


CHAPTER 5 REVIEW RESPONCES: Thank you all for reviewing. It makes me so excited that everyone is responding so well to this story. This is the first story that I've had such good responses for.


sonja hand: Hehe, thank you. I do have a tendency to rush. But, I think its because I get so excited and I just... type. lol.

Lady Crimson: I loooove when people make me think more in depth about my story. Thank you for the questions and I hope I answered them to your liking below.

First question - Um, I think I will, though I am rewriting the pregnancy part at the moment and making a few alterations.

Second question - Yes, she will have Sesshomaru's pup first.

Third question - The way I think about this 'new' time period, its like a mix of the past and present. So, yes, a male is needed to be the heir.

Fourth question - Yes, you'll find out more about the other characters of Inuyasha as we go, though I don't think I went into Kouga (Though if requested, I could put something down about him)

Fifth/Sixth/Seventh question - Hmmm, I think I'm going to leave the questions up in the air. I haven't quite figured out if I'm going to have the pups have miko abilities or maybe resistance or what. As for the time between pups, you'll find that out later as well. I'm still editing the breeding part, so not too sure. :P

Eight question - I would think of the clan mark like a tattoo, but with the kind of technology they have, I'm sure if she wanted to have it removed after she was finished breeding for them, she could.


wiiTneSs: I think... with the way life had been going up to that point for Kagome, these little surprises are simply no longer surprises. But, that is just the way I think about it. And I wouldn't be surprised about her just choosing to be a breeder and not fight it. I am not sure if you have seen the Final Act(SPOILER: If you haven't, don't continue reading and message me instead. lol), but I'm basically just cutting off the fight within the jewel out and making it different(More time had passed, ect). So, Inuyasha had done a little maturing and at the end of the Final Act, I think he finally was okay with letting Kikyo go.

(You can continue reading here!!) As for being intimate with her best friend... A lot of people end up marrying their best friends. I did. So, I think it just depends there on perspective. And being intimate with the Ice king... Well, I think seeing him with Inuyasha so casually, I would recap on what I thought of him since they hated each other so bad.


Leticia: The reason the demons remember her and not her mother is because the youkai/demons were already part of the past. When she made a wish on the jewel, it changed the future for everyone, including her family. They were already in the future. Kagome was not, that is why she retained her memories. I think I go into that a little more later in the story as well.




Rina: I am so glad you like the story, but I can only answer a few of your questions without giving too much away. I haven't thought too much about Sesshomaru's mother, but I don't think she will be involved. The silver inus are only what is in Sesshomaru's clan due to the wars that were mentioned. (My theory, I guess) and I loooove the thought of bringing in Ah-Un somewhere, but idk how I'd do it.

Ree-san: I hope you do enjoy this. I edited the story in a way that it mainly focuses on Sess/Kags, but there will be lil Inu/Kag moments. (No Inu/Kag lemons though)




candy cane: I think I understand where you are coming from. If I remember correctly, I go into more detail later about Shippo's relationship with Kagome and why he was looking for a breeder. And I know he would want her to be in the best hands... I never thought of it THAT way though. Thank you! :)


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