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I am 25 years old and I live in Lithuania. I love drawing anime characters and from time to time I try writing fanfictions, though I must admit that I am not a good writer. One of the reasons is that I am not a native speaker so my English is not that good and another one is that I am lazy... Sometimes chapters are not coming as fast as they could... Well, I think I am starting to babble here so I'd better go...

*strolls away*



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Sesshomaru's son
  • Sesshomaru's son
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Cold Demon Lord
  • Cold Demon Lord
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Demons do have a heart (coloured)
  • Demons do have a heart (coloured)
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Demons do have a heart
  • Demons do have a heart
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Up and down we go!
  • Up and down we go!
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Modern Sesshy
  • Modern Sesshy
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Inu Gang
Hugging Time!
  • Hugging Time!
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Little Sesshomaru
  • Little Sesshomaru
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quarrel  (Cherry on Top Challenge)
  • quarrel (Cherry on Top Challenge)
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But my daughter is a miko
Inupapa and pup
Master I Have, and I am His Man
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Sesshomaru and Sakura
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close to you (: <3
Little Sesshomaru by White Youkai
Janey-Jane's 'Drawble 3/20:
  • Janey-Jane's 'Drawble 3/20: "Illusion"' colored by r0o
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Sweet Dreams
My Autumn
Beach Day
Playing Games
 SessKag  Hair Braiding by YoukaiYume
 SessKag  Gentle by YoukaiYume
 Just close your eyes, love...
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 SessKag  Just Bliss by YoukaiYume
  SessKag   Passing By by YoukaiYume
Two Grains of Rice
  • Two Grains of Rice
  • Author: MGN
  • Category: Fanart


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