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SessKag Week 2021
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TOPIC: SessKag Week 2021
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SessKag Week 2021 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago Karma: 152

When: 26th July to 1st August
Theme: Colours
Hosted by: The SessKag week Tumblr blog


Day 1: Green - Nature & Eternity / Feritility & Growth / Youth & Vitality
Day 2: Black - Malice / Mourning & Misfortune / Dignity & Formality
Day 3: Red - Celebration / Protection from Evil / Power & Passion
Day 4: White - Sacred / Death & Mourning / Purity & Truth
Day 5: Blue - Luck / Calmness & Stability / Femininity & Fidelity
Day 6: Orange - Knowledge / Love & Happiness / Civilization
Day 7: Purple: Royalty & Nobility / Free Day


    Each day has four prompts to choose from. You can use either each day’s colour (green, black etc.) or any of the day’s colour's possible meanings as a word prompt to inspire you!

    If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can even try to create your work in the given styles of the genre or subgenre of your choice!

    For the final day, we have a free day so anything goes!

    All kind of fanworks are welcome: Fan fics, fan art, edits, moodboards & gifsets, playlists, podfics etc. And if you’re not a creator, SessKag week is an excellent time to show appreciation to your favourite creators!

    When participating on Tumblr, please use the right tags to help me find your posts! (More info on tags here!)

    When participating on Dokuga, please either submit your fanwork to the SessKag Week blog or link to your work in this forum thread so I can link to your fanwork on Tumblr.

    If you post on AO3 there's a collection for SessKag Week 2021.

Here is the announcement post on Tumblr and please don't hesitate to ask if anything feels unclear to you!

I hope to see many of you participate!

- Chie

Banner fan art by the lovely and talented Sayuri!
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Re:SessKag Week 2021 6 Months ago Karma: 266
Hello Sess/Kag Week participants!!

It has come to my attention that, given the amazing bounty of stories being posted this week, we might have a small, teeny, little-bitty problem, or two.


I know everyone tries their best to rate their stories accurately, but there are a few things that throw this site into a different category than others. One is character death. I'm sorry, but even if you didn't get descriptive, if you're gonna kill off a main character, please make sure you've rated the story at least an M. Please?

Another little problem is gore. If you're gonna describe stuff like entrails and wounds, and missing parts, we really need to make the rating an MA. That's just how it works here, I'm afraid, and we try to be consistent.

We deeply appreciate everyone's hard work, and having so many wonderful works posted on our site in such a short time... it's awesome!! Just, please, give a bit more thought to the ratings thing, and maybe re-read the tutorial:

Thank you all for your wonderful stories, and your consideration in taking the time to rate your stories for our crazy site.

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