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What are your biggest fanfic pet peeves?
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TOPIC: What are your biggest fanfic pet peeves?
Geisha Tactics
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Re:What are your biggest fanfic pet peeves? 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 13
I know I'm super late to the party but I feel the same way about first person fics! I've tried. I've been told I'm missing out! I just can't get into it.
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Re:What are your biggest fanfic pet peeves? 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 5
Biggest Pet Peeve at the moment is that it's 2017 and I still see written in the plot description

'When Kagome catches Kikyo and InuYasha together she runs off and finds Sesshoumaru'

Okay like when I was first into InuYasha back in the day the love triangle thing was kind of cool. There was debates with my friends like Inu/Kag vs Inu/Kik but you know when you watch the show later as a mature adult you kind of realize that there is more to the Kikyo InuYasha relationship and really the 'Kagome catching InuYasha with Kikyo' thing never has an impact. First time Kikyo is still really unaware of how much Naraku is the big bad and still harbors confused feelings about InuYasha so I forgive the whole trying to suck him into hell thing.

The time where Kagome discovers InuYasha holding Kikyo after he saves her from that soul stealing demon I just take as a huge misunderstanding. Inu is confronting his feelings on how he had failed to protect Kikyo before when they are both vulnerable and Kagome jumps to conclusions and this is the only time she runs off because of it and needs to take some time to think. That's all that following episodes were. Two people needing some time to think on their feelings, and is that so bad?

Then after that Kikyo is pretty much just an ally that isn't part of the main party in the jrpg that is InuYasha and their relationship is p much just the song 'Somebody that I use to know' there really isn't a love triangle tbh.

I just don't see Kagome catching Inu with Kikyo and just completely taking off on our own in a dangerous world for the long term.

I mean I guess if it's a canon fic and in the story Inu being more into Kikyo than Kagome is a way to write off the pre-existing relationship of Kagome and InuYasha to make way for Sesshoumaru or another pairing, go for it, but it just seems like it's been done a billion times and there is not really a creative way to do it anymore in canon.

On the same note Kikyo just being a super antagonist about it or Kagome being super insulting to Kikyo about it will immediately turn me off a fanfic. If Kikyo has jealousy towards Kagome it's subtle at best and Kagome's jealousy she at least thinks her way through and tries to understand things from Kikyo and InuYasha's point of view.

Basically what I'm saying is Kikyo isn't really only a small antagonist in the early parts of the canon story so why is she blown up to be a huge villain in most fanfics? I've just stumbled upon too many where she is just cruel towards Kagome and just a bitch for the sake of having a bitch character.

Maybe it's because the people who are writing this are Kikyo haters, but when it comes to Kikyo hate I just don't get it and think the source material needs to be re-examined because there is a lot more to Kikyo then just love triangles and your shipping and is a character all on her own with her own goals and wants outside of a relationship with InuYasha.
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