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Fanfiction Ideas that I need help with
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TOPIC: Fanfiction Ideas that I need help with
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Fanfiction Ideas that I need help with 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 1
Hey everyone,

Since I have been in different fandoms for so long, and I am now coming back, I have noticed a lacking of certain topics that I absolutely love. Yes, I am a sucker for some tropes, and I really want to add some because I think it could be a lot of fun. That being said, while I have general ideas for them, the plots that I had originally come up with were for different pairings and the personalities wouldn't work for them with SessKag.

Because while I might be able to transfer EreRi plots to SessKag (Given that Levi is generally seen as cold and has a giant wall around him, and Eren is a fiery ball of....whatever he is), I can't exactly do that with my Voltron Ships. None of those characters have a closed off nature to the extent of Sesshomaru, and even with Keith, who is closed off, he is rash, emotional, and has a situations that I would put him in are different than Sesshomaru. (And there is no way that Shiro would be able to act uncaring, and Lance is.....Lance... and there is absolutely no way that would work.)

Sorry, I got off topic there. But, it remains the same that SessKag has a different dynamic than EreRi, Sheith, Klance, Shance, or Shklance. So I need help editing the plots to fit their dynamics.

Here are a couple of the general ideas that I have:

Soulmate Trope
There are a couple of (okay many) tropes that fall under this, but I am thinking of two in particular.

1. The first word(s) you say to your soulmate are written on their wrist, arm, chest, etc...
    Basically, when you meet your soulmate, the first words you ever say to them are already written on their body. Generally, it is the same location for everyone. It can sting, burn,
    or tingle when they say it, or it doesn't have to.

    The idea that I got for this was based off of a tumblr prompt that I am still trying to relocate. One Character was born centuries/millennia before their soulmate, and the words that they have on their body are foreign to them. They have never encountered the language, and do not understand it in the least. They have to wait the years to find their soulmate. The second character is born in our current time, and has a dead language written on their wrist. Something that doesn't exist anymore, and they have no traces left of to translate. They think that the world has decided to play a giant prank on them, and they have no soulmate.(This can be interchanged with simply their soulmate's name, instead of their first words. But it would be written in their soulmate's handwriting, and the language their soulmate used the most.)

2. What you write/mark on yourself turns up on your soulmate.
    I think that this one is self explanatory, but I will explain anyway. If you write or mark on yourself, the marking turns up on the same part of your soulmate's body as a temporary tattoo. It usually fades after a certain time.

Those are the really main ideas that I wanted to use for a fanfiction. I have plots, but I would need to alter them in order to make it fit for SessKag. I don't necessarily know if I will do a Canon setting or not with this alteration, but it might be fun.

The other addition that I would add to this, would probably be certain OV aspects. Of course, certain aspects won't be needed, but I might borrow from that trope for other things.

IF anyone is willing to talk ideas, you can send me a PM, since I would rather not announce the entire plot line and spoil it for everyone.

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