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Liberation- MA THREAD NO YIMS. Shoo shoo
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TOPIC: Liberation- MA THREAD NO YIMS. Shoo shoo
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Liberation- MA THREAD NO YIMS. Shoo shoo 2 Days, 14 Hours ago Karma: 7
Hello. If you are a fan of Blind Love or Moon Palace click away. I may or may not be looking for some ideas for another long one shot like Liberation- MA NO YIMS.

So some background I’m a leo and in the US, so that’s been a riot. Ha get it? I know terrible joke.

Anyhooooo I wanted to sound board on an idea that popped into my head. So my story Liberation( again MA NO YIMS) focused on the Holocaust. I was thinking about a future world where Youkai have been captured and being experimented on, since technically cannon means they either died, disappeared or are in hiding in Kagome’s time. Do you think this is too close to Liberation’s plot line? The other idea is taking from real life with police brutality ( yes it happens, I work the badge. Ive seen it and no i do not like it) and still stick with the us vs them theme? Is that theme getting old?

Also i have part of a one shot like liberation but is under the idea of Batman and Harley Quinn ( DONT YOU JUDGE ME! I see you over there) and exploring the dysfunctional relationship with the Joker and the whole triple dipped psycho lollipop.

I have some great ideas and plot bunnies, but I just write then I hit a block and forget I can ask for help. Ya know like the adult (debatable) I am.
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Re:Liberation- MA THREAD NO YIMS. Shoo shoo 1 Day, 11 Hours ago Karma: 167
So I reread Liberation and I don’t think your idea of Youkai being captured and experimented on is too close to that plot line. Unless you’re planning on making a Youkai version of the Holocaust, but even then it would still be something different and an interesting plot to read. And of course it’s always a good thing to find a way to keep the Holocaust in mind to remind people and introduce it to people who possibly never learned or didn’t learn properly.

Anyway I can even see the story becoming a short story with a few long chapters, like five or six, where Kagome is sent or forced back to her time through Inuyasha’s interference or someone else, like Kikyou. So she never got to finish putting the jewel back together. Maybe she ends up in a line of work after a few years where she discovers the truth about Youkai being captured and experimented on and that’s why she never sensed any. Maybe from there she learns her true purpose in the past was to stop that from happening to make sure the balance wasn’t destroyed and humans didn’t destroy the planet; for example the issues we’re currently dealing with such as global warming, animal species dying out, etc.

Either she realizes she needed to become stronger and go back to the past and prevent it, or stay in her time and free Youkai and start some kind of rebellion. Where Youkai existence is revealed and people are outraged at what has happened to them. Like they realize it is the Holocaust all over again and governments had actually been keeping it from the population in general.

Maybe it somehow was a result of Naraku. Because Kagome was sent home the fighting went on for much much longer and as the years passed and grew closer to the modern time human weaponry evolved and humans ended up being the ones to defeat and destroy Naraku. However, because of the fighting and damage he had caused over the long years it turned humans against Youkai more than they originally had been. To the point where they started capturing them to kill them which eventually changed to capturing and experimenting on them to maybe try and figure out how to gain their healing ability and long lives.

Maybe because of that experimenting they learned of ways to detect Youkai that hadn’t been captured, and Kagome realizes after she learns all this that Inuyasha was lucky all those times he came to her time; running around in his bare feet with his claws and fangs showing and sometimes his dog ears.

Also there’s Sesshomaru’s mother and her floating castle in the sky. Maybe she went undetected through the centuries and helps Kagome understand after she initially learns of Youkai having been captured and experimented on. Or maybe even Sesshomaru’s mom could have been detected and she and any Youkai living there were captured, and the floating castle taken over by the government that captured her.

Eventually only the government’s around the world knew about Youkai and all knowledge of them faded from the general human population.

Of course there is the added element of a Kagome/Sesshomaru love story built in there some how.

Your second idea involving police brutality sounds interesting even without details, and like with the Holocaust I think it needs to be mentioned and brought to light in a way that is entertaining in plot and brings attention to the issue so people can try to understand if they don’t already.

As for your last idea, I can’t really picture it, but I think you would make it a good story.

Anyway, feel free to use my rambling ideas, and I hope this gives you inspiration and ideas to help you continue your writing.
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