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Project Baby Blues Promo and Commentary
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TOPIC: Project Baby Blues Promo and Commentary
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Project Baby Blues Promo and Commentary 9 Months, 1 Week ago Karma: 5
I wanna promote my fic Project Baby Blues - rated MA no YIMs

You should read it especially if you managed to slug through my other fic The Marriage of Convenience since the two are kind of related despite one being canon and the other being AU.

Since my descriptions sometimes don't do it justice it's basically a story of Sesshoumaru being flung into Kagome's world after Kagome was InuYasha's wife for two years. A strange alien demon set the whole thing up and put a curse on Kagome to make her carry Sesshoumaru's child, so they have to deal with that on top of a whole bunch of modern day problems.

- - - Don't read past here if you're not caught up on the fic - - -

I also didn't know where to post this kind of thing, so thought I could achieve two purposes with this post. There is a lot I want to say about the latest chapter, and it's kind of difficult with the word limit on author's notes so I decided to put my notes here.

So first thing is first, and that's Amethyst. Originally she was to just set up the situation and show up every five chapters or so not being a real threat, which she really hasn't been, but her purpose is kind of interesting. Naraku and Takemaru are at least looking to get some kind of power or achieve a desire out of their wicked deeds while Aimee really doesn't have a reason for doing what she's doing other than the fact that she ships Sesshoumaru and Kagome and wants to see what would happen between them. That's right. Aimee is basically creating real life fanfiction. Aimee is a villain, and Aimee is basically you. Basically. What she's doing doesn't even have anything to do with Eclipse.

The chapter is called Non-Canon Losers not only because it has both Janis (from the InuYasha Nintendo DS rpg) and Takemaru, but because these non-canon things such as the events from the third movie are a threat to Kagome and Sesshoumaru's lives.

Don't get too caught up on how the time travel works. Even Aimee herself can't really grasp it and she's a self-proclaimed scientist. It works on Dragonball Z logic, which I still don't truly understand. I mean Trunks helping defeat the Androids would have no effect in his world, but at the same time it still changed things? Yeah just don't worry about it.

A lot was crammed into this chapter because of the decision I made in the previous. I'm at war with myself when it comes to making up stuff up as I go but still wanting to follow a format, so things are probably a little clunky. Kagome and InuYasha's break up only came to me as I was writing it because originally I wanted the well to be the only thing destroying her and InuYasha's relationship with a little resentment that they never had a pup together, but when I thought on what Kagome and Sesshoumaru's relationship in the future would be like and how Kagome would struggle with basically cheating on InuYasha I decided her temporarily forgetting that they broke up was the best route to take, cause I really don't have any interests in writing about Kagome's turmoil when it comes to betraying InuYasha. There will probably be a little bit of it, but not a lot. She already has enough turmoil. Anyway since I went with that decision the whole confrontation with Yuka got pushed off into this chapter so that's why it's so long and horrible.

I'm just hoping I peppered in enough cute scenes between Kagome and Sesshoumaru to make it readable.

There is more hints in Sesshoumaru's flash back as to what is going on with what Naraku did to Kagome. Though I want to make it clear that Naraku's actions are not solely to blame for her and InuYasha's break-up. Kagome acting immature and being passive aggressive (basically being Betty Draper) was her own doing and that's why her goal is now to see him again so she can apologize.

Yuka probably doesn't come off well at all. It was already established in chapter 13, that she kind of got a taste for her new lifestyle since she was never required to do anything too extreme. There is something else going on as well. Yuka didn't take kindly to Kagome being for her one minute when they were in high school and just up and leaving while Kagome believes her time in high school was just spent in misery. All of that with a mixture of the lies Kagome has to tell makes it impossible for the two to get along right now.

The comment about Sesshoumaru refusing to believe he isn't allowed to steal cows is just a joke I told myself when going through the manga for the first time. InuYasha randomly sometimes just rides other people's cows like it's no big deal and one of the few images you see of Inutashio it has him in his dog form running off with someone's cow in his mouth. Clearly the Tashio's justify livestock thievery.

As for Sesshoumaru it's all obvious now. Nothing really subtle going on with him and his problems. Rin was becoming ill when he left and now he is trying to use Kagome's world as an excuse to be apart from her.

Well there is more to Sesshoumaru than just that. The Sounga, believing Kagome will give him some kind of a power up, all that silliness when he is probably the strongest creature in her world and has his own powerful sword. Clearly there is some kind of power high Sesshoumaru is always trying to chase.
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