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Dragonsbane Abridged
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TOPIC: Dragonsbane Abridged
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Dragonsbane Abridged 1 Year, 9 Months ago Karma: 5
So long story short, my fanfic Dragonsbane is the only one I'm actively working on since I don't have any other incomplete fanfics I could possibly be putting effort into. I've given it two updates recently after a year's long hiatus, and since it's a story where I'm basically just making things up as I go with only a few plot threads in mind I had to actually read my own fanfic to remember what it was about. (I am so good at this fanfic thing guise please bring back awards so I can finally have one for this A+ effort I put forward).

To prevent myself from having to read it again in the future I took very elaborate notes on plot threads and characters. These notes are a complete mess, but in honor of Dragonsbane being on he verge of being my top fanfic when it comes to word count with still a long way to go I decided to use all my advanced knowledge on how to make dank graphics to create a graphic novel out of my notes creating a short story that basically explains in high detail the story of each arc of Dragonsbane.

Though I believe my art work is spectacular I don't believe it counts as fanart so I hope it's okay that I posted it here. It's just something I made for fun and felt like sharing.

This is Dragonsbane: Abridged.

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