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Cursed Promotion- I Need Opinions
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TOPIC: Cursed Promotion- I Need Opinions
Cursed Promotion- I Need Opinions 5 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0
I was not sure where to post, so I decided to post here, promoting my one fanfic here Cursed, and I have an important question to ask those who have read and/or reviewed my fic.

Cursed is an MA rated fic, first off. I rearranged what happens in the series starting before Sesshoumaru finds out Tenseiga's greatest technique and regains his arm, and I've made a three-year gap at that point so that Kagome is now eighteen. By this point, Sesshoumaru goes to a dark miko to ask assistance in recovering his arm. She will help...but at a steep price Sesshoumaru really doesn't want to pay. When he agrees, despite his disgust at the given deal, all hell breaks loose and Kagome finds herself in a very worrying predicament.


(I made this banner when I posted. Why? Because it was fun to make... banner addict -shrugs-)

Okay. I've really been struggling with this. In chapter 2 Sesshoumaru and Kagome are going to have sex one way or the other. I can go somewhat dark and have bestial Sesshoumaru rape her to keep her as his mate, or I can have them talk and he seduces her. I can't decide what to do, so I thought I'd put it out there and let ya'll decide. If I get enough replies within the next few hours, I may be able to type it up fast enough to get the new chapter out this afternoon at the library- I have ideas for both. If'll be a two-week wait for the next chapter. I apologize in advance if it's delayed. Living in the boonies with no internet sucks sometimes...
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Re:Cursed Promotion- I Need Opinions 5 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 1
I've been waiting for an update on your story in regards to your question it really depends on what direction you want to take the story. Do you want it to be on the darker side or do you want it to be more romantic?

Personally I wouldn't mind either option they both sound interesting

Good luck!!
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Re:Cursed Promotion- I Need Opinions 5 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0
I'm sorry for the wait, and thank you for your patience. ^^ This is the issue that's delayed my updating the new chapter. I originally had it much darker, Sesshoumaru got his arm back, but he was reduced to a mindless beast that raped Kagome, mated her, but tore her body up and left her with fears of being touched by men and high anxiety of Sesshoumaru who later winds up housing her to keep her safe. Bad things still happened between them in that old, very rough, version I'd made years ago...but it had always unsettled me. I like dark stories...but I don't write them all that well. I can make it a bit darker with rape, but it won't dip back into the almost abusive obsessiveness Sesshoumaru wound up having in the original.

His beast is more amorous than i'd planned, so it's sure not to go too far...but I still can't quite decide. Even if he does rape her, he won't hurt her more than he has to. Àhh! Lol. I may do eenie meenie miney mo and be done with it. Haha XP

Thank you for responding ^^ I'll have the chapter out soon...I hope...^^;;
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Shikon Miko
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Re:Cursed Promotion- I Need Opinions 5 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 58
I am probably too late to add my input…but I shall

First off, I wanna say I enjoy ‘dark’ themed stories. Now, that being said, I do not like when the male protagonist (a.k.a. Sesshomaru in this instance) rapes the female protagonists (a.k.a. Kagome) for a few plot reasons.

#1: In my mind, it is impossible for the victim (and yes, that is what the raped individual is) to go from hating, fearing, and being mistrustful of her rapist to falling in love with him—ever. So if the author wishes to put a romantic theme in his/her story, being raped by the would-be spouse/mate is grossly unrealistic (even though Sesshomaru wasn’t himself). The plot suffers mightily.

#2: I am on the fence about Sesshomaru ever losing control of himself because of how his character is already set up. Unless of course it is an A/U story or there is a VERY reasonable cause to make him lose control. But let’s say he does lose control. I do not see how someone who was basically forced (through insanity of losing control) can stand the thought of being a rapist, let alone going a step further and in the end becoming married/mated to his victim.

#3: Going this route in any story lowers readers (let’s say woman of all ages right now) self-awareness of the atrocity that was done to them. When the rapist and victim end up in a ‘happily ever after’ it falsely tells women that they NEED to forgive and forget because their rapist is mournful and regretful of his actions, so let’s forgive him and start up a real and intimate relationship. Basically, it belittles what they went through.

#4: This follows along with #3, actually. The ‘out of his mind’ rapist ‘who didn’t know what he was doing’ portrays that, no, his actions weren’t as horrible as it really is. Basically, oh she forgives me, so it’s ok if I go into an intimate relationship with her.

So, the trust id gone for the victim and the rapist is filled with regret. There is no way, in my mind, that these two can ever build anything in a relationship with these issues about one another. Having a ‘dark’ them does not mean the male/female protagonist is raped by the other male/female protagonist. ‘Dark’ can be portrayed in many ways that will work with the plot and make it cohesive and solid.

Since this is my view point, I will never read, let alone like, a story of any kind, published or not, where a victim falls madly in love with her rapist.

My next point:

Now if the woman (Kagome) was raped in the past by someone else and then slowly builds trust towards the male protagonist (Sesshomaru) than that is a solid plot with this particular dark them you seem to desire.
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Time Traveler
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Re:Cursed Promotion- I Need Opinions 5 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 57
I agree will all the points BelovedStranger highlighted.

I just wanted to add that realistically as well Kagome would probably die from being mauled by Sesshoumaru.

If he loses control than he likely has no conscious understanding of what he's doing. He's running on instinct. He isn't just going to 'tear Kagome up'. He's going to eviscerate her alive. He's a youkai not a human man. He's super-strong, as in probably three to four to five (and more) times stronger than a human-being.

It's easy to do the math.

For example if Kagome knees him in the groin to stun him. Than a wild crazy Sesshy might bite her shoulder or twist an arm to control her. Realistically this might quell a female youkai easily without causing too much damage. On Kagome she'd likely end up with broken/shattered bones, torn/dislocated limbs, and or torn tendons. Sesshy might end up breaking her neck too or tearing out her jugular or both.

If he's lost control than he's not going to temper his strength.

Youkai females would be more resilient, and can heal from the damage physically.

Kagome can't. She's human not super-woman.

For these reasons and those that BelovedStranger has highlighted. I do not read stories that feature rape as part of the plot.

The only exception to such stories is if Sesshy is helping Kagome to recover from this trauma, as in she was hurt by someone other than him.

I also believe that naturally youkai females are fairly deadly themselves. I can't see the Inutaisho being able to hurt Sesshoumaru's mother for example. She's formidable enough on her own, which would also mean that she could probably kill a male for trying to push his luck. Although youkai probably 'bluff' or something similar to minimise the likelihood of severe physical injury.

Like animals do.
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Re:Cursed Promotion- I Need Opinions 5 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0
I think that both of you are completely right. The only reason I was conflicted about this was because of sentimental reasons. Rape? Sentimental? I know that sounds stupid and wrong, but...I was in a very dark place the first time I wrote this. I was hundreds of miles from family, I had no friends, and I was often alone with my verbally and sexually abusive husband. I wanted to believe he would change because I loved him and still strove to see the good that was no longer there. I wanted a friend to confide in, but I didn't have that, and I was scared to tell anyone because I was afraid he would start hitting me.He got so angry and I was always terrified. So...I made this original fic to be my comfort. But in it, it wasn't Sesshoumaru's fault. He fought against it to the best of his ability and tried to be careful and Kagome knew it, forgave him for it as she always forgives Inuyasha's cheating and idiocy like the epitome of purity she is...or crazy, if you want to label her that way. I was determined that they would have a happier ending than me and my husband because even then I knew it wouldn't end well. And it didn't, of course, but I see what I refused to see before and I'm far, far away from him now. We're divorced.

Sorry...didn't mean to get so far off topic there. >\>;;

But...thank you both for posting your honest thoughts. Because of that, I can let go of the old version. Kagome will not be raped. I didn't mean to sound callous or idiotic...and I in NO way condone rape or any such non-conscential behavior. It was just that this fic was once my lifeline and I was reluctant to change it. But I will because that dangerous part of my life is over now and I shouldn't cling to the old reminders. Thank you.
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