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Readers of TSTUWB, TIHYW, SoMH!
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Readers of TSTUWB, TIHYW, SoMH! 4 Years ago Karma: 0
Good afternoon everyone! I was not entirely sure where to put this and I feel like putting up a random chapter in each of my stories as an update is kind of silly and just.. unprofessional in general.
This may not be the right place for this, however, I would like to get something out to you guys.
Yes, I intend to finish each one of my stories. For those of you whom have really come to love them and admire them, thank you so much! I wish my life wasn't as insane as it almost always is and I could actually finish writing this stuff!

I am halfway done with the next chapter of TSTUWB (To see the unnoticed when blind) and we don't really have too, too much longer in it. Pretty soon it will be epilogue time.

I am at a standstill on TIHYW (This is how you were) because I'm not happy with how I wrote it's sequel a long time ago, so I'm still kind of 'blah' about it, but I have every intention of finishing it.

SoMH (Slave of my heart) seems to be the least thought of one, unfortunately. I love the idea for it, but it's taking a bit of a back seat.

For I am beginning to write (though not yet posted) an Akin/Kag at many requests through various e-mails and a select few reviews since he's in pretty much all of my stories and you all love him so much. :3 Thank you for that, btw. And, thanks to Splintered Realities and two other wonderfully, fantastically written Inupapa/Kag, I now have a fanfiction in the works for that just as well that I am super excited to write.

On top of all of this, I am working 32 hours a week, thank God because I need money to survive, am fixing a breaking down house, trying to look after my family (dad has emphysema, COPD and his health is deteriorating, mom had a heart attack and my autistic brother has epilepsy) they constantly need my help, which I am not complaining about, so I'm busy there. Then on top of that, I'm rewriting three of my own novels, trying to update my own story I've created on deviantart, spend time with my loving fiance and SOMEHOW play with the dog.... Busy, busy, busy. Oi, I need to split into about seven people and it'll all work out just fine, ha, ha.

Anyway, I love you all, thank you so much for sticking with me. I hope this gets to you, at least some of you. I just feel like crap when I don't get you guys a chapter I know you've been waiting for. Believe me, I understand. If I ever look at my e-mail and see that Laying Amongst Dokatsu has been finished, let alone updated, I will have a freaking melt down, I swear. Knowing that anyone of you feels that way about my stories makes me feel AMAZING. So much love for you, really!

P.S. For those who are wondering, yes, Akin will have a brief stint in my own novels. Nearly all of my own personal characters will, at some point, appear. Ocraseous, however, will have his very own story with a very similar plot line to the one in TSTUWB. So there...

Thank you with everything in me,
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