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The Red Moon
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This thread is a place to post all challenges. All challenges on this site need to be SessKag. If you have any questions contact a moderator.
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TOPIC: The Red Moon
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The Red Moon 11 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 2
I was hoping someone would take up this challenge. I've been sitting on it forever now. And I normally don't post, I'm just a reader here... So if someone wants to make my fantasy fanfiction into a reality fanfiction. That would just float my boat. :]


She was holding Rin's hand as the ceremony began. According to Sesshoumaru this happened only once in every one thousand years. The night of the Red Moon, they called it. Her and Rin were standing off to the side when Sesshoumaru's mother started her speech. The moon was only about an hour off from being exactly above them at its highest peak. As she watched it she swore that it seemed to look yellower as the minutes ticked by. As hard as she was trying she couldn't make out the words Sesshoumaru's mother was saying. Instead she took in the beauty and the elegance of her. Though, the Lady, was not pleased that Sesshoumaru had chosen her to watch Rin, Sesshoumaru was.

Pride swelled in her when she remembered his words to his mother.


"I can't believe you would bring that ningen into my house. What purpose does she serve here?" The Lady of the West said while giving her a look that promised pain if the answer was not adequately answered, "Ningen are as powerless as they are insolent."

"Mother, do you truly believe that, this Sesshoumaru, would bring a weak helpless ningen among youkai? This is the Shikon Miko, the one who defeated Naraku and banished the Shikon Jewel. I brought her here because I needed a miko that was not only powerful but trustworthy enough to watch and protect Rin and not to cause untold trouble in the House of the West."

"So it is the small child that follows you, that you fear for?"


"Very well, keep your ningens." She said with a flick of her hair as she turned and left the room gracefully.


When she returned her thoughts to the present she felt an odd tingling run down her spine, thinking it to merely be the youki brushing against her reiki. She brought her line of site back up to the stage where Sesshoumaru was now standing. As she brought her attention back to the moon she was surprised to see how orange the moon now looked. It was less than a fifteen minutes before the moon reached its peak.

As she moved her gaze back to Sesshoumaru she felt as though her world were slowing. She watched as Sesshoumaru's eyes scanned the crowd. It seemed to take hours, the tingling in her spine was growing into an ache. Her grip on Rin's hand loosened as she zoned out. She looked down to see Rin tugging at her sleeve, Rin's mouth was moving in a way that she could tell was her name but she couldn't hear the words being said. Slowly her eyes moved back up to the moon, catching Sesshoumaru's slightly widened golden orbs along the way.

The moon was blood red, it almost seemed to be swimming in the red haze that surrounded it. The aching in her back was rapidly moving to the rest of her body, as it turned into a red hot fiery pain that consumed her. It felt as if her fingernails were ripping themselves from her skin as her eyes widened. The red haze from the moon was growing and filling her entire sight. All she could see was red.

And then, nothing, as the darkness consumed her.

Andddd.... GO! (please)

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Beat Cop
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Re:The Red Moon 11 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: -666
A request like this isn't really a "challenge", but there is a place for it under this thread.

The borrowed muse thread is for people who have a fic idea, but don't feel they have the resources or skill to pull it off to their satisfaction. You can post what you have here as a comment in that thread, and maybe someone looking for a good plot to write will pick it up.
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