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Warrior Kagome
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TOPIC: Warrior Kagome
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Warrior Kagome 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 0
I get quite a few story ideas for fandoms I like, but I don't really have the writing skills to make a wonderful story. The ideas range from just, well, ideas, to specific scenes that feel like a story can be built around. So, I figured I could post the ideas here and see if anyone gets some inspiration from them.

This idea evolved from me wondering why Kagome never tried to build a stockpile of things from the future or trained with weapons (bow, sword, miko powers, or even martial arts) until it became this story summary.

The Kagome who disappeared with the Shikon no Tama is not the same Kagome who emerges from the Bone-Eater's Well three years later. That Kagome was an untrained girl.

This Kagome is a warrior.


Kagome can still feel the Well's power. It's not gone, just dormant. And she knows it will wake again.

This time, she'll be ready for it.

I imagine her going to school for field medicine and history while taking sword, archery, and wilderness survival lessons. (And learning how to make simply candies for Shippo! lol)

Hope someone likes the idea.
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