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Kag x Sess Naruto Crossover
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This thread is a place to post all challenges. All challenges on this site need to be SessKag. If you have any questions contact a moderator.
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TOPIC: Kag x Sess Naruto Crossover
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Kag x Sess Naruto Crossover 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 0
Hello, everyone that's gonna read this.
I would like to issue a challenge for a naruto crossover with sesskag pairing. Following is some of my ideas on what i think should happen but it's up to the writer if he/she wants to use them.

Kagome and Sesshoumaru gets transported into the naruto world, they take up residence in the hidden leaf village.
It's up to the writers if they wish to bring shippo and rin into this.
Just want them to raise naruto. I wanna see how the naruto raised by them would turn out.

Although I did say it's up to the writers find below some of my thinking. Feel free to use it if you want.

An ANBU squad / some jonins on a mission finds some type of scroll, while messing with this scroll a portal opens and sesshoumaru, kagome, rin and shippo appear to be falling from the sky. On the other side naraku was just defeated and kagome was just going to heal the others that the portal opened and rin and shippo was falling into the portal in order to save them both kagome and sesshoumaru jump into the portal (sesshoumaru is still injured from the final fight so is kagome) both of them used their bodies to shield the kids. The ninja find that the people that fell from the portal is unconscious so they take them to the village for healing. Rin and shippo are the first ones to open their eyes. The hokage came to question them (in my mind i'm thinking that the portal may have done something and changed their appearances to make them look like sesshoumaru and kagome's children), since they were small only small questions were asked. Once kagome and sesshoumaru woke up they noticed the changes in the children and also sesshoumaru notices that kagome was carrying his mating mark they pretend to be a couple and answered the question asked and take residency in the village. Some how they find naruto and decide to raise him as well.

That's all for my thoughts. Let me know what you all think
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